List of Player Characters

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Player Name Archetype Character Sheet Last Reviewed Edge and Hindrance Notes
AriaMuune Maria Andrews Huckster Link 8-9-2021 Delusional (M) - believes that her shotgun is her dead husband; Anemic (m); Bad Eyes (m)
Blazer899 Jackson Tanning Law Dog (US Marshal) Link 7-8-2020 Obligation (m) Uphold the Law; Habit (m) Alcohol; Night Terrors (M)
Blazer899 Dr. Winston Bishop Blessed Link 7-10-2020 Code of Honor (M) - Healers Code, Mild-Mannered (m), Obligation (m) Assistant undertaker.
Blazer899 Albrecht von Manstein Muckraker Link 7-19-2020 Trouble Magnet (M); Can't Swim (m); Driven (m)
deanopalooza Finley "Doc" Sloan Sawbones, Dentist, Taxidermist Link 5-10-2021 Clumsy (M); Lyin' Eyes (m); Loyal (m)
deanopalooza Rusty Graves Drifter Link 9-15-2020 (E) Gallows Humor, Retort, Nerves of Steel; (H) Cursed, Habit, Slowed
deanopalooza Uncle Ben Chi Master Link 8-9-2021 Outsider (m); Vow (m); Mean (m); Habit (m) - Tobacco
dstuff Caleb Hawkins Huckster Link 6-16-2020 Edge: Luck; Driven (m); Greedy (m); Overconfident (M)
dstuff Gontiel Tormenta Scout Link 6-11-2020 Illiterate (Minor); Outsider (Minor); Overconfident (Major)
Gumbus Caleb Blackwood Huckster Link 7-30-2021 Wanted (M); Grim Servant o' Death (M); Talisman (m) glasses; Ugly (m)
Gumbus Ethan Kozlowski Mad Scientist Link 8-29-2021 Ailin (m); Pacifist (m); Overconfident (M); Delusion (m)
Gunslinger Andy Darnell Buchanan Cowboy/War Veteran Link 8-9-2021 Code of Honor (M); Suspicious (m); Phobia - trains (m)
Jon (estarrion) Gray Owl Shaman Link 8-9-2021 Elderly (M); Hesitant (m); Old Ways Oath (m)
Jon (estarrion) Gordon Riley Gambler Link 9-10-2021 Habit (M) - pills; Hesitant (m); Quirk (m) - talks to himself constantly
Jon (estarrion) Quentin Thorne Ex-Boxer Link Arrogant (M); Illiterate (m); Trouble Magnet (m)
kartusch Sister Xavier Ann Blessed Link 5-18-2021 Loyal (M); Mild Mannered (m); Obligation - Donkey (m); Talisman - Rosary (m)
kartusch Pauline Hall Law Dog (Agent) Link 7-12-2021 Arrogant (M); Trouble Magnet (m); Vengeful (m)
kartusch Comtesse Alexandria Huckster Link 8-15-2021 Quirk (affected accent), Ruthless (minor), Secret (minor), Suspicious (minor)
Larsson Doc James McCoy Doc/Gunslinger Link 6-24-2020 Slow (M); Stubborn (m); Ugly (m)
Larsson Jebediah the Wind Walker Drifter Link 8-19-20 Overconfident (M); Illiterate (m); Habit: Chewing Tobacco; Edges: Quick, Woodsman
LobsterJ/Roscoe Nathan Reynolds Gunslinger Link 7-24-2020 Veteran o' the Weird West: Hunted; Grim Servant o' Death (M)
LobsterJ/Roscoe John Newcomb Huckster Link 7-30-2021 Code of Honor (M); Greedy (m); Bad Eyes (m)
Lord Chuckbury Ahmaya Enoshima Chi Master Link 9-30-21 Mute (M); Mild-mannered (m); Loyal (m)
Lorkynd Alexander Tithes Huckster Link 9-4-21 Curious (M), Suspicious (m), Driven (m)
Nikolaidis Junior Joseph Voodooist Link 8-16-20 Mute (M); Young (m); Vow (m), to find his sister and bring her home. Edges: Luck, Quick
Nikolaidis Otto von Müller Mad Scientist Link 8-2-2020 Outsider (m); Big Mouth (m); Hesitant (m); Stubborn (m); Edges: Calculating; MacGuyver
Nukes Lilith Mayfair Huckster/Law Dog (Deputy) Link 4-15-2021 Cursed (M); One Eye (M); Pacifist (m); Ugly (m). Edges: Whateley Blood; Knack: Breech Birth
Nukes Walter Köhler Mad Scientist Link 8-9-2021 Ruthless (M); Delusional - thinks all cups are cursed (m); Driven - Kill Madame Luli (m)
Nukes Delta Redgraves Chi Master Link 8-9-2021 One Arm (M), Enemy (m)- Guy Luttrell, Habit (m) - calls everyone 'darling'
opfor6 Jared Rockwell Law Dog (Ranger) / Blessed Link 8-2-2020 Code of Honor (M); Enemy - family of man killed in Deseret (m); Outsider (m)
opfor6 Grigori Korsovich Assistant Town Marshal? Link 10-17-2021 Night Terrors (M), Ruthless (m), Secret (minor, While prisoner in Andersonville Prison he was forced into cannibalism)
opfor6 Vance Rogers Retired Gunfighter Link 5-3-2021 Arrogant (M); Can't Swim (m); Habit - Tobacco (m)
PitViper27 Lyle Cranston Drifter Link 9-4-21 Overconfident (M), Greedy (m), Illiterate (M)
Rickerman Jasmine Belmont Huckster Link 7/30/2021 Impulsive (M); Habit (M) high stakes gambling; Arrogant (M); Small (m)
Rickerman Shawa Vicks Drifter Link 10/26/2021 Ugly (m), Cursed (M), Shamed (m), Wanted (m)
Ryujulz Ishtar Cordova Drifter Link 8-27-2021 Enemy (M) - A cartel out for vengeance for ruining their biggest score, Phobia: Crabs (m), Cautious (m)
SaziSkylion Kaela LeLaurie Voodooist Link 8/9/2021 Elderly (M); Vengeful (M)
ShannyMuffin Shanny The Kid Huckster Link 10/7/2021 Young (M), Impulsive(m), Small (m), Night Terrors (M)
Vigilante-Nerd (Jack) Dr. Henry Ollerton Doctor Link 10-11-20 Code of Honor (M); Habit - Tobacco (m); Loyal (m)
Vigilante-Nerd (Jack) Hatchet Jack Drifter Link 1-3-2021 Death Wish, One Eye; Edge: Two-Fisted
WILKATIS Svyatoslav Yurievich Vostroyskiy Drifter Link 8-27-2021 Secret (M); Doubting Thomas (m); Vow (m)