Nevin Brewer

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Nevin Brewer grew up in the city of New York with his family, who were from a long line of doctors. He witnessed terrible things happen to people, and his inability to help them drove him to become a doctor. This caused him to swear a vow to never hurt living beings except in self-defense or aid of others. He spent his early adult years practicing medicine with his family in the city until tragedy struck when he failed to properly treat a dying patient from what his family thought should've been a non-threatening illness. As consequence, his family disowned him and he was ran out of town after shunned by everyone who knew him. Seeing that he was clearly unwanted, he left the city for good on his own term and bought himself a ticket to somewhere out West. Nevin's city upbringing might not have prepared him well for hardships of the West, but he came to Brimstone to try again, because as he believes - "Doctors help people."