Gideon Fields

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"Gideon was born in Haddonfield, Illinois where he lived with his mother and uncle. His father died in the war, he didn’t really know much about him. At the age of 14, his mother helped him as much as she could when it came gathering herbs, and making clothes, but he learned even more from his uncle when it came to nature, hunting and shooting.

One night he was woken up overhearing his mother and uncle arguing about something that involves his father and Black River railroad. When he gets up his Uncle leaves in anger and He sees his mother crying with a box in her hand.

The Next day He gets ready to go hunting and his mother stops him and tells him “that when he cameback she would like to talk about his father” Gideon acknowledged her and goes to hunt.

Few hours past while hunting Gideon hears his mother screams. Without hesitation he goes and finds a women over his mother with some kind of mystical power coming out of her hands. He shoots and kills the women, but was to late to help his mother. His mother only “strength she has he reaches for the box he saw last night.

He Uncle arrives and shes Gideon holding his mother and the death witcha women on the other side and he says “We have to get you out of here fast”. So his uncle gives him a Train ticket to Brimstone and tells him “listen to me, try not to trust anyone, be cautious around Black river folk, and Try to keep a low” Gideon gets on the bus and thats the last time he sees his uncle.

Gideon Now lives in the outskirts of brimstone as a Fur trapper. He comes into town time to time to see if their is anywork on the wanted board or if anyone wants to buy furs. "