Pauline Hall

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Born around 1860 in the Appalachian hollers somewhere between Kentucky and what is now West Virginia, a place where state lines mean little but who your related to matters a lot. Pauline has no memory of a life pre civil war with constant raids and attacks by one side or nother. Up in the hills Union vs confederate was more along the lines of what matter the lowlanders want they ain't care about us , matters you a Hatfield or a McCoy kin, if just a jasper then keep a clean away from that whole mess. Then one day round 1872 news reached the holler that the war were over, well I reckon but the hills slap full of confederates , like a haint of living men not aware were fighting a lost war. Over or not the hollers still done been devastated with all the fighting by outsiders. Hillfolk known strife and hard scrabbled life , you adept and make due right smart like a whistle pig come first skift.

Pauline wernt but barely a slip of a girl but she were whip smart and not afeared of a fit nor nothing. Didn't take long for her to learn selling kyarn and moonshine to all the hill haint confederates helped make good sop and if a few of those same peckerwoods happen to sleep so deeply they don"t known they were robbed blind. Well what gonna do gone morning , go down to the holler and tell the king they were layed out by a little girl? As the railroads came back to trying to go through the hostile terrain , toting off some of its contents was all to easy to not.

Only problem was like Jack things tended to go a lil quare around the girl, werent bad luck or nothing but where there be Pauline soon there were to be trouble . Even trouble she had nary to do with. She'd be at meeting having a bit of fun and sudden like be a whole pack of wolves surrounding the building. Or she'd be fetchin plants for the granny woman and a snallygaster just tries to fly off with her. Some more mundane havoks and cave ins seemed coincidentally right around time Pauline was there. That same attraction of trouble to her happened in 1880 when some very quare folks started popping up in yonder and yander holler, they were trying not to stand out ,didn"t even ask far too many questions like most outsiders. With a little poking about and listening Pauline was sure they were exchanging something, and outsiders always had good stuff to sell once she relieved them of it.

Come the day she knocked out the yonder man clean out she swarn and ended up staring slack jawed at godsknows what. That darn peckerwood werent even mad at Pauline, he was impressed. And that's how Pauline ended up in the agency , being too darn smart for her own good. That said suddenly she was out of the holler with the lowlanders. Got some training at Denver and learned the things those outside the holler fear. Since then shes been going about following a hell house with a door to hell all up and down the country and west. Always one step behind that nasty clown.