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The shadowy Agency is the United States’ answer to a host of ominous occurrences and unexplained mysteries plaguing the West. Its Agents are a secretive lot, and they don’t share information outside their ranks if they can avoid it—not even with the local law.

US Agents have jurisdiction in all 37 US states, including Texas—which sometimes puts them at odds with that state’s Territorial Rangers. Agents are expected to conceal their credentials except under extreme and desperate circumstances.

The Agency is highly regimented and hierarchical. In general, Agents report to an Agent after every mission, sending dispatches to a Grade 3 or higher Agent in charge of administration. Certain high Grade Agents, however, do not work as supervisors, instead working with full autonomy in the name of the Agency, beholden to no one but Allan Pinkerton himself. They are not given authority to take or process reports but also aren't required to send them as frequently.

The Agency's official purpose is to protect Federal assets and to work as the highest law enforcement in the States.

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