Roy Munny

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Roy Munny was born in Texas in 1831 to a homesteading family from Alabama and North Carolina, respectively. His father was a rancher and his mother a homemmaker, as was typical of those days. Roy was the eldest of three children, growing up with memories of the events of the Texas War of Independence. His father and uncle did their part in the war, which instilled a long-lasting sense of home state pride within the young boy. He was tasked with responsibilities for caring for his younger siblings in those days, with his mother focused on the family property. Roy had to grow up faster than his brother and sister given these duties. He didn't like it much, but he feared the hiding that he'd get from his mother if he failed to do so.

Roy spent his teen years and 20s working at his father’s ranch and uncle’s farm, as he was a reliable employee and a member of the family. He got into the usual trouble of a hired hand: drinking too much, chasing women of ill-repute, getting to work late, and squandering money on gambling. However, he eventually outgrew that life especially when he was threatened with being disowned. He never paid any attention to politics in this time, until politics came for him: Texas seceded from the Union to join the Confederacy and requested volunteers.

Out of a dislike of the “damn Yankees”, a desire for excitement, and loyalty to his state, Roy volunteered for the Confederate Army with his family’s enthusiastic backing. He served in Lt. General John Bell Hood’s Texas Brigade, stayed for the entire war from Fort Sumter to the reunion treaty of 1871, and served his new country with honor and dedication. Sadly, his brother would follow him into service, join the same brigade, and die of his wounds in a makeshift field hospital. He was glad the war ended and appreciated the generous terms that the union gave the defeated confederacy.

During the war, Roy’s parents also passed away (from unknown causes), while his sister married a rich older man. Roy was disgusted that the man sold the family properties and decided to join the Texas Rangers, knowing that he didn’t want to go back to the life of a hired hand. Roy’s been riding with the rangers for the past 19 years and only plans to quit when the Grim Reaper pays him a final visit. He’s faced normal outlaws and supernatural evil, and acquired a reputation for courage and fortitude. He’s been sent over to Brimstone to secure “Texas influence” in New Mexico Territory (much of it after all, was claimed by Texas historically).