Quentin Thorne

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"I'm from out East, yeah. I'm sure you could tell by the accent. I’m Boston born and bred. But what's a guy like me doing all the way out here in Brimstone? ‘Specially someone with the talents I have? Yeah, those are twenty inch biceps. Give ‘em a feel if you like. When I was young I was taller and stronger than every kid on my block, and by twelve I was slingin’ steaks at the meat market for fourteen hours a day to help support my family. When I turned sixteen I got interested in bare knuckle boxing, having been in more than one dustup with locals in my youth and realizing I had a real talent. By this time I was almost six feet tall and 200 pounds. Boston has a great boxing scene and I found a good teacher. His name was Roger Bromes and he was a hell of a guy. Took me under his wing and I trained like hell. I was fighting in big matches in under two years. I fought Jake Kilrain, John L. Sullivan, all of the greats around the northeast. I had offers, I had opportunities. But then I realized I was a small fish in a big pond. Boston is an old city and everyone’s jockeying for space, but out here there’s so much opportunity to set my own path. With this brain, this mouth, and these guns (points to his arms) there ain’t no problem I can’t solve.”