Caleb Blackwood

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"Childhood for Caleb was perfectly normal for the average inbred Blood Sorcerer. Which is to say that any sane person would find it exceedingly disturbed. But for Caleb it was the normal things like learning about demonology, family dinners, pushes to make moves on his beautiful and powerful cousin, and once he was old enough actual training to become a blood mage proper.

His sect of the family lived in a small compound on the edge of Missouri, choosing to stay during the migration. They had a habit of keeping strange ""pets"" around the house which Caleb didn't pay too much mind to. But in retrospect they were certainly odd things to keep around. He wasn't entirely exceptional in any category. Not overly smart, not overly talented, as disturbing on the eyes as any Whateley boy, he even had a strong dependency on his grandmothers ring to get any spellcasting done. But he was part of the family anyways despite being a casual dissapointment, not hated but certainly inadequate.

It was because of the stressful homelife that Caleb would take frequent personal trips into town during his teenage years. The people there were calmer, a bit more consistent in the mundane. He didn't really have any complaints about that idea. Evenings at the saloon is where a lot of real socialization happened. People at the poker table weren't as quick to grimace and he was just dangerous enough with cards to win back what he lost, and lose any excess winnings. Through this he ended up spending a lot of time with travelers from all walks of life. And the Bounty Hunters were his favorite. Maybe it was simply the fact they traveled around and had adventures, maybe it was the violence involved, the Whateley boy just thought it was a neat way of living. So he apprenticed for a few weeks.

Caleb succesfully pissed off the family at 19. His recent time spent away Bounty Hunting, as well as a relationship that was growing with a girl in town, was the start of their ire. This combined quite excellently with Caleb's recent wordly expereince and his new outlook on the world.

As punishment he was locked in a shed for several days on end, barely fed anything of real substance. During his time there the boy had time to think, to ponder. His conclusion was simple ""Fuck this."" His breakout was painful. There was the initial bruising and possible fractures from breaking the door down. Then was the scratches form the guard dog which maybe wasn't actually a normal dog. Normal dogs aren't usually that angry. And then he came face-to-face with his brother Abraham, and his uncle Albert (at least he's fairly certain that's how the trees branches were shaped in regards to them) All Caleb knows from that encounter is that he walked away into the night covered in both his own blood and theirs, and fresh gunshot wound to the leg. Judging by the aftermath he can definitely say he killed them, given how he can't ever walk back into half of his homestate without seeing his own Wanted poster.

With nowhere else to turn after a lengthy recovery, Caleb went to the only thing he really had left. Bounty Hunting. It was a trade he was alright in, had friends in, and if luck was at his back they wouldn't turn him in for the bounty! The first year was rocky, very rocky. His naivety and optimism almost got him killed. But he kept trying, kept going, spent some time working simple ranch jobs out west. And everytime he was able to, he went back to hunting.

Eventually it payed off. Nowadays he's a bonafide Bounty Hunter who doesn't worry as much about the family near as he used to. At 30 years old Caleb has managed to pull off surviving as an inbred Blood Wizard who gets shot at for a living quite well. Now he turns his attention to some town called Brimstone. Word is, from what he's heard, it's a veritable Boomtown with a great deal of excitement happening as of late. And excitement usually translates into some form of work. Besides, Boomtowns have more interesting people anyways. Money and Excitement, the things that get Caleb up in the morning. And that's just fine."