Hotah Andersson

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"Hotah Andersson was born in the New Mexico territories his mother is Apache and her name is Mika means Clever raccoon and his father is of swedish descendend his name is Jorgen Andersson Hotah grow up in his mothers tribe and as he is the child of a white man he is not very much liked by the rest of the tribe his Childhood was a tough one so as soon as he was old enough he was ready to just leave but just before he leaves his father gave him a few gifts a 44-40 frontier revolver and Bowie knife with a strange colored blade and then he was of and the fist place he stopped was deadwood and quickly noticed that the townfolks dont like his kind and attacked him in the attack he was shoot in the arm and the local doctor had to amputate it so a good start at his new life after staying in the forest around deadwood for a few weeks he started to go south and was pretty much thrown out of every town he came to untile he meet a mexican family that shared a meal with him and told him about a town called Brimstone were anyone can become anything intrigued he headed there and thats were he is right now."