Theodore Canterhorn

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"Theodore Xamon Julius Canterhorn has lived in privelige his entire life, to the point it has seemed nothing could go wrong for him provided you ignore the many tragedies he and his family have been through.

18 years old and with more money than brains in his head, young Xamon has found himself as the heir apparent of the prestigious Canterhorn estate and the stresses that come with such following the deaths of his parents in an unfortunate accident involving Xamon's pet toucan, a pound of powdered Grecian statues, and a steam ship flying over the artic cycle. The tragedy of this loss is only exacerbated by the death of his younger twin brothers pretending to duel with a pair of antique Turkish wheel lock pistols, following his sister's death in a theatre performance of Romeo and Juliet, which was preceded by his uncle's demise when he mistook his nephews pet bear for a male entertainer, which only happened shortly after... suffice to say Xamon finds himself without much of a family left to share his burdens with, so travelled to the south west, seeking a quiet and distant chapter of an exploration society his father spouted many fond tales of. Well, quiet is an operative term here.

Has opened a tab with a $50 deposit in the Silver Palace"