Fleming O'Donovan

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*A beautiful young blonde woman in her early twenties walks onto a balcony overlooking Charleston bay. She sits down to read a letter she recieved in the mail today, the letter reads:......*     Dearest Aoife, I hope all is well back at the University. I find myself already missing Charleston. The warm tradewinds that blow in from the Atlantic, watching the seaguls lounging on the incoming boats. But running around with you is what I miss the most of being back in that sleepy city... Daydreaming asside, I suppose im excited to get this project going! So, let me finally tell you the specifics of my assignment... As you know, my Masters degree will be in Arthropology. I accepted an assignment (and a large grant) from Professor Watkins to study the lives of the Sioux peoples. As of so far, I know very little of these people. Most of the information I know is where to find them, as well as some rumored customs in the literature that exists of them. So little is known of them in the eastern part of the states, so there is plenty of work to be done. So much to learn, document, and grow accustomed to as I travel farther into the west... Admittedly,I am a little nervous; people out here are very diffrent than the people im used to. I've heard some horror stories of the things that happen out in "the western frontier of America"  but hopefully my time out here will treat me well, I may learn a thing or two on my journey...   Anyways it is getting rather late here, I best get some rest. The train arrives tomorrow morning to take me to my first target location: Brimstone....     I love you! Wish me luck!...   Fleming O' Donovan