Sigrun Kleinbecker

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"Sigrun was born in a German mining town as the youngest of 7 siblings. 4 brothers and 2 sisters, Helga, Greta, Deter and Peter, Hans, and Eric. She knew how to throw her weight around even at a young age, and that's saying something for the smallest kid of the family. As a child she wasn't really fond of getting bullied all the time, and she was sick of it by the time she lost her first baby tooth. When she wasn't getting beat up by, and then beating the shit out of her older siblings, or slipping away from ballet lessons from her mother she would spend time with her father. Follow him to the mines against his wishes, tag along with him when he went drinking with his fellow miners. And the most intersting person at those meetings was her father's best friend, Fu Xiaodong. Fu had moved his whole Family from China on a whim that he would always describe slightly differently then the last time. Sigrun found these stories infinitely engaging in their inconsistency.

But it was through Fu, and subsequently spending time with his children, that Fu's father; Peng ""Mad Dog"" Xiaodong was introduced to her. Everyone knew that as far as men of the house went, Fu wasn't the most commanding. He was a passive man who didn't know how to hurt a fly. His wife usually kept things in line and when she wasn't able to, it was his father who oversaw everything. On the Surface Peng was a somewhat intimidating elderly man who laughed at his own jokes when no one else did and would tell stories even after you'd left the room, and could floor anyone who dared challenge him. Mad Dog was allegedly a nickname he went by in his youth. Sigrun never fully had an ear for what the old man was ever really talking about so she's not entirely sure where he learned what he knew. All she knew is that this Martial Arts business was badass, and would definitely make her cooler then her brothers. With this new aspiration before her, Sigrun did whatever it took to get training from this wise old man. By annoying the hell out of him. It payed off.

Sigrun was learning deeper aspects of whatever the hell this Chi business was when her family moved. She was heartbroken for sure that she couldnt learn firsthand from the lethal geezer, but he was kind enough to give her a book he'd made on some of his teachings as well as send her on her way with a training regiment she could follow herself. The main issue came in that she didn't fully know how to read Chinese when they left. SHe could barely grasp the language at all. Her family arrived in America seeking golden oppurtunity as people so often do. With any luck they'd be able to start a new life and flourish. Siggrun thought that was boring as hell. So when her family was heading west to catch up with the Boomtowns, Sigrun split. She was 15, impulsive, and really really didn't want to just land in another mining town. Does she regret the decision after a few years on her own? Occsionally.

Despite her ruffian nature, she's found she's pretty good at stealing. And that's helped keep her alive. She's pilfered food, valuables, even some of that fancy Ghost Rock people seemed so hyped about (though she's lost most of that when she realized it could be sold). She's gotten into plenty of trouble though. Highlight was pissing off some small Utah gang known as the Rattlesnake Boys. Some band of weirdos who terrorize small targets because it's easy. She remembers their leader though. Venomous Dan, he was extra weird.

So why Brimstone? Simple. It was an accident. Now that's not to say having a town between her and the gang chasing her is appreciated. If luck is with her, Brimstone will be a fantastic place to lay low, and enjoy some stationary existence for a time. Besides, she's heard of this weird boomtown with weird people. Might just be her kind of place. Exciting."