Liam Haroldsson

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"Liam was born in Scandia,Minnesota in the year 1864 on November 6th on a cold winters morning. His family was a poor one they never had any money to spare so at a very young age Liam started to steal money from the people of Scandia to help his family out after any years of thivery Liams family found out about it and wanted Liam to stop his criminal ways and start acting like a respectable young man so at the so through his family's desires he joined the local church too become a priest and after spending a few years studying he finaly was a priest but at that time the town had heard of his former deeds and wanted him to face justice so at the request of the towns councile he was to be exiled from the town never to return so after taking his farwells to his family he started to travel the west untile he finally hit the town of Brimstone where he noticed that there are both criminals and people of god so he decided that he would give this town a shot to make him stay. "