Dr. Winston Bishop

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Dr. Winston Bishop was in his last year of medical school at Tulane University in Louisiana when the civil war broke out. When he had completed his schooling Dr. Bishop enlisted in the army of the CSA as a doctor. It was bloody, and busy work, but Winston enjoyed being needed and helping people. Dr. Bishop was often called in to work on Union officers, as he was one for the few accredited doctors within the Army and his record of surviving patients was pratically unmatched. Winston treated soldiers of both side with the utmost dignity. After a year or more Dr. Bishop could not help but question the cause he was fighting for. If there was a God, as he was raised to believe, why was he letting this slaughter continue? Why was he not helping their righteous cause defeat the Yankee invaders?

Unfortunately for the good doctor, he was present at the battle of Gettysburg when the dead started rising. As the day began It was hot and humid much like his home in New Orleans. However, something felt wrong to him but he could not put his finger on it. The sounds of massed musket fire and cannonade could be heard off in the distance, and the wounded started pouring in. Dr. Bishop did his best but some force seemed to be working against him that day. Wounds that should not have been fatal seemed to kill within hours. Becoming desperate to save someone, anyone, as his skill as a doctor appeared to be failing him. Dr. Bishop said a small pray before beginning the next operation. It was difficult, but whatever force that had been preventing him from helping before seemed to recede momentarily, allowing him to do his work. He saved the young boy, despite the child losing a leg. After hours of hot bloody work and dozens of patients Winston had managed to save around a half dozen soldiers. The dead were piled high on the outside of the tent waiting for burial. Taking a short break between wagon loads of patients. Dr. Bishop went outside to get some cool water. When he saw one of the dead patients move in the pile. Ecstatic that one of them may have recovered. Winston yelled for one of the orderlies to come over and help him get the poor man out from under the pile of bodies.

That is when Winston Bishop witnessed Hell come to earth. The mass of stacked bodies began to move. Dozens of dead men snapping and twitching. One of them managed to pull themselves free and began crawling towards the young orderly. The poor man was frozen with fear. The corpse pulled itself up and lunged forward taking a bite out of the young man's neck. At that moment there was a scream from within the tent. This pulled Dr. Bishop back to reality. He raced into the tent, to find that several of the recently dead, who had not been moved out of the tent yet. Had begun moving as well, and had taken a bite out of one of the other doctors. Several of the patients that had survived had started to come around, but for the most part were unable to move due to recent amputations. All Dr. Bishop could managed was a, "God help us!" before plunging forward into the melee. Winston pulled the medical staff back towards the still living patients. Forming a ring of the living around them. To protect against what Dr. Bishop assumed was some kind of mass hallucination that these men were under. He was soon disabused of this notion as one of the orderly pulled a pistol from the holster of one of the formerly dead, but now animated soldiers. And shot the soldier point blank in the chest. The solider having been shot did not bleed or even register having been shot, and proceeded to lunge for the orderly. However lacking a recently amputated leg the creature stumbled and fell. One of the nurses seized a nearby bone saw and drove it into things head. The former person ceased to move. It quickly devolved into a desperate melee as the medical staff lead by Dr. Bishop fought for their lives and the lives of their patients. The fight ended when a company of nearby soldiers having heard the gunshots and fighting came to investigate. Repeated musket volleys did not do much. However these reanimated dead, were slow as almost all of them were missing a limb of some kind. A bayonet charge finished the rest of the work. By the end of it, Dr. Bishop was surprised to find that he had not lost a single one of the still living patients. Nor had any of the remaining medical staff fallen. He said a prayer of thanks, to god for delivering his staff, his patients, and himself from harm.

Dr. Bishop stayed with the Army up until they began bring in new ghost rock fueled weapons of war. He left the army in 1865 as he thought nothing good would come of further industrializing the process of war. And they were no longer fighting for what he thought he was fighting for all of this time. Dr. Bishop packed up his things and over the course of the next several years slowly moved more and more west. Trying to understand what had happened at Gettysburg and more and more believing that he had been delivered from that medical tent in Gettysburg by God, for a reason. And that reason was to help people.

Dr. Bishop has been in the town of Brimstone for over a year and he has become fairly good friends with the town undertaker as he rests his office space from her. Other than her the doctor keeps mostly to himself. But he does make an effort to be at most large town functions.