Gordon Riley

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Gordon Riley is of average height with dark blue eyes, medium brown hair slicked back on his head and a bushy beard. He typically wears a dusty, slightly shabby suit and a dark brown leather jacket. He is 34 years old but appears much older, with a strange quiver accompanying most of his actions and an odd habit of talking to himself almost constantly. He is generally quiet around others until a topic comes up that he enjoys, such as math, statistics, science, money, and of course cards. He has a brilliant mind for these things and he is sure to let others know at every possible opportunity. He does not have time for rules or ethics, however, and is not above stealing or skirting the law to get what he wants. Besides his quirky rablings he is often quiet and lost in thought, so it is surprising to others when Gordon becomes insulted (generally about his knowledge of various subjects, his appearance, or his skill at gambling), as he will glower at the person and launch into a vicious tirade, unleashing brutal and surprisinly incisive barbs about his opponent. Very rarely does he become physically violent during these exchanges, but he can still be quite intimidating. He is a fair shot with a pistol but otherwise likes to find different, and often unique, methods of dealing with problems, which can lead him to strategize for long periods before acting at all. He takes an unlabled drug that he calls "his medicine" daily, which seems to calm some of his quirks. He speaks little of his past but according to him, he's spent years traveling through the west, gambling and looking at other unique ways to make money, which is his primary drive. That, and being the smartest person in the room at any given moment.