Comtesse Alexandria

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Georgina Fox, better known as Comtesse Alexandria , was born and raised travelling around with her family just as had always been done. Horse trading was the main trade of the men in her family with a carnie here and there. A McFadden by birth they tended to winter in Mississippi some cousins "settled" to Louisiana when they moved over due to the potato blight. She married Patrick Fox at her fathers behest. The Fox's did more circus and carnie work so it was a good match. In her marriage to Patrick she got to see more tricks of the Fox trade and with the raise of the spiritual movement she showed quite the skill at scenes and pulling in customers. Sadly the marriage never bore any children and Patrick died quite suddenly leaving Georgina a rather young widow. Not wanting to burden her in laws when she had provided them with no heirs she decided to take off on her own as a travelling fortune teller. Quickly adopting the persona of Comtesse Alexandria , a Prussian Empire royal lineage medium gifted with second sight. Reading tarot cards and tea leaves for bored old ladies provided her with amble income to live an independent life.