Hung Loy Gawk

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He was born in a small village in northern China, his village was poor and he was the second son so he was quickly sent to the local Tianshi Taoist sect. Following the Way of the Celestial Masters quickly became his entire life. Life in the Gong was simple, awaken, prayers, food, chores, prayers, chores, training, prayers, food, and then to bed. He lived by this schedule for many years internalizing it. He showed himself to be particularly gifted in regards to soft martial arts, particularly in tai chi. As he grew older he found himself gifted by the celestial masters experiencing visions of the masters teaching him themselves. A simple man he related this to his masters at the gong and was soundly rebuked and called a liar. Challenging the gong leader he was soundly rebuked again and then soundly beaten by him. Banished from the gong he has vowed to travel the world and improve his martial arts following the guide of the celestial masters themselves until he can take his place among their ranks.