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Marshal Session Title Session Date Description Participants Rewards
Rickerman The Kidnapping of Jasmine and Iris Belmont 11/4/21 Jasmine and Iris have been taken from their home by an unknown intruder. They've left a ransom note asking for $3000 in bonds.
estarrion Out of the Mist, Part 2 11/3/21 The Prairie Skeeter gang has been broken, but Deacon Zadian is still missing. Can the posse find him before he's drained of his vampire blood? Jackson Tanning; John Newcomb; Doc James McCoy; Lyle Cranston; Sister Xavier Ann
PitViper27 Devil's Night 10/30/21 (Special Halloween adventure) Local songstress Lillie Hutchins is in a bit of a bind. She has a letter she needs delivered to a dear friend who runs the Dead Horse Road House on the outskirts of Wichita Kansas, but for reasons she'd prefer not to say, she doesn't trust it to be delivered by rail or the Pony Express. She's offering $20 per person plus travel expenses for those willing to make the trip instead. But a simple mail delivery may very well end up being the least of posse's worries on this, Devil's Night!
Gumbus A Family Vacation at Hill House 10/29/21 Nailed to the side of a building just off of main street has been found a rattler hide duster. It was stained with blood, and had the owners name stitched into the collar. "Caleb Apollyon Blackwood." Attached to it was a simple note “Found this rat sniffing around where he doesn’t belong. Surprisingly resilient compared to most. To Lillith Gwynfor Mayfair. Hopefully this gift is an incentive to visit. Your brothers miss you dearly. And are waiting for you at Hill House, just outside Virginia City.” A trap? Most assuredly for the subject of the note. But there's still been a kidnapping.
PitViper27 Rolling History Part 3 10/26/21 It's all come down to this! The big finale is here! Aboard Rutherford Ellington Dillinger's Travelling Cultural Museum, the posse and their newfound allies? head toward Denver to return the Amulet of Rahashimir to the Ottoman government. Surely nothing could go wrong. After all, they've solved the misunderstanding and there's only one group of people after the amulet... Right? John Newcomb; Uncle Ben; Shanny the Kid; Jackson Tanning; Pauline Hall 2XP, $100, and Enemy (Minor - Akul Hasazim). Jackson Tanning also gains a point of Conviction and Enemy (Major - Akul Hasazim). John Newcomb also gains a stolen copy of A Brief Treatise on Whist.
Gumbus The Fallout of Playing God 10/26/21 It’s an unassuming day at the Silver Palace, people drinking and gambling, enjoying each other's company or simply drowning their problems in vice. The day is interrupted by two men bursting through the front door. Well-dressed Englishmen in a bit of a hurry. Two scientists, Victor and his associate Henry have come to Brimstone and are in dire need of assistance from someone who’s hunting them down. They’ve got money, a lot of it. And they’re willing to shell out to whoever can provide them shelter for a day or two and even a place for the two men to work. Walter Kohler, Shawa Vicks, Jared Rockwell 2xp and 50$ in stolen trade goods. Walter now has Victors shit which works like a Weird Scientist's Tool Kit. Rockwell gets a point of Conviction for arresting Frankenstein and his monster to the Rangers for science and also judgement.
Rickerman Hungry Hungry Wendigo 10/23/21 A small town of 16 people have been attacked by a strange creature. The only message they were able to get out was a frantic s.o.s to Brimstone and it's up to the posse to figure out what's happening. Lily Mayfair; Alexander Tithes 2xp, a child with one arm
GunslingerAndy My Favorite Way of Dyin' 10/22/21 A marshal from a nearby settlement has asked that Brimstone send some of it's finer, law-abiding citizens to witness the execution of Bad Tom Byrd. It's a simple enough request, and it's less about actually watching the execution and more about having witnesses around to sign off that he's actually dead. You see, Byrd has a reputation for somehow surviving every time he's been executed. Somehow he's managed to be hanged, shot, hanged again, left to die of thirst, and hanged once more for good measure. Each time he's made it back, which casts doubt on the fine folks involved in these incidents. All you have to do, is watch the execution, sign a paper that says you witnessed him being dead, and then you can leave. The town is offering to pay you all $10 for your services. Alexander Tithes; Lily Mayfair; Lyle Cranston; Nathan Reynolds; Pauline Hall; Shanny "The Kid" Montgomery 2xp, $10 each, and a startling revelation.
estarrion Out of the Mist 10/20/21 (Special Halloween adventure) A elderly priest by the name of Reverend Mathis Gaumont comes to town and asks for help finding his Deacon, who has gone missing. He is offering $10 to five brave souls who might help him. Jackson Tanning; John Newcomb; Doc James McCoy; Lyle Cranston; Sister Xavier Ann 2xp, $100 each to Tanning and John, $500 donation to the orphanage
PitViper27 Rolling History Part 2 10/20/21 Rutherford Ellington Dillinger's Travelling Cultural Museum has pulled into the settlement of Avery's Bluff, Brimstone's rival mining town. The locals are a lot less receptive to the English dandy's theatrics than Brimstone was, and if the mysterious figure in black robes is to be believed, it seems like angry locals might be the least of his worries! Hopefully the posse can keep him out of trouble and keep the countless valuable artifacts in the train safe and ! Delta Redgraves; John Newcomb; Uncle Ben; Shanny the Kid; Jackson Tanning; Pauline Hall 2xp, $20 each
PitViper27 Rolling History Part 1 10/14/21 Rutherford Ellington Dillenger is intent on bringing some culture to "The Colonies." Specifically, in the form of his train-based travelling museum show. A bevvy of historical artifacts and oddities are on that train, and it's rolling into Brimstone! Concerned about the safety of his precious exhibits, the Englishman is offering $50 for anybody willing to serve as security for the next few stops of his tour. Delta Redgraves; John Newcomb; Uncle Ben; Shanny the Kid; Maria Andrews; Jackson Tanning 2xp, $60, Delta gets $70
PitViper27 The Miner and the Cowman Should Be Friends 10/8/21 Brimstone might be booming because of ghost rock, but it's got a thriving cattle industry as well. The awkward thing is when those separate interests conflict. The men and women at the Full Moon Ranch have entered into a bitter dispute and there's danger of violence breaking out. Local songstress Lillie Hutchins has a friend among the miners and doesn't want to risk them getting harmed. She's willing to pay $25 a piece to anybody who can stop the fighting before it truly begins. Shanny the Kid; Pauline Hall; Darnell Buchanan; Alexander Tithes; Nathan Reynolds 2 xp, $25, Conviction
Deanopalooza Salvage Operations 10/7/21 The aftermath of the worm attack on the Gunnarsson Farm has brought the abandoned Montague Mine back into the public eye. There were strange experiments going on in those tunnels, and now lawyers and corporate interests are circling like vultures. Concerned citizens may want to pay a visit and administer some public oversight. Walter Kohler; Shanny the Kid; Quentin Thorne; Lyle Cranston; Jackson Tanning 2 xp, $60 each, Lyle scored a gatling carbine, Walter got owl-eye goggles, Quentin got restorative elixir
Rickerman The Ghost of Jimmy's Past 9/30/21 Something is wrong with Jimmy, cuts and bruises have been appearing on his body not to mention sulfur seems to encircle the large fellow. Lately he's been losing sleep and not only that the poor giant has gotten irritated and snippy. Lily Mayfair; Ethan Kozlowski; Lyle Cranston; Alexander Tithes 2 xp
estarrion Brimstone 1884 Election Event 9/29/21 The event of the year in Brimstone! Who will be elected mayor and sheriff? Many See rewards here
GunslingerAndy Prime Shipping 9/28/21 "Miss Charlotte needs some folks to go pick up a crate of goods she ordered from Smith n Robards down in Santa Fe. She'dve had it sent here, but she don't want no competition knowin' about it. I'd go myself, but me and Gertie got our hands full trying to saddle break some new steeds. Think y'all could run down there and bring it back? She'll pay out a total of 100 dollars for its delivery in one piece." Lily Mayfair; Alexander Tithes; Pauline Hall; Jackson Tanning; John Newcomb 2 xp, $38 each
Gumbus Best served at 1500 Fahrenheit (Weapons Test part 2) 9/26/21 Jed Winters, the recently orphaned son of a ranch owner, is getting a posse together with a very clear goal in mind. Revenge. The accomplice of the scientist responsible for destroying his home, Doctor Tenenbaum, is hosting an open house event at his new facility outside Phoenix Arizona. Jed wants a couple of good and dependable folk to ride out there and crash the party, sneak in, or whatever it takes to deal with Tenenbaum. And he doesn’t care if the man lives (he’d rather see him dead). Walter Kohler; Nathan Reynolds; Pauline Hall; Jasmine Belmont; Maria Andrews 2 xp, $50. Walter gets a point of Conviction for almost dying.
Rickerman Jimmy Meets Girl Part 2 9/25/21 Jimmy need help Poh, Jimmy has feelings for Gertrude and wants to get her something nice. Jimmy has used his pay to buy puppy, but he would like friends to help him out please. He will pay $50. Lily Mayfair 2 xp, and a puppy
PitViper27 Aces High. Tensions High. 9/24/21 The Blakeley Annual Brimstone Open Poker Tournament is finally here! For $1000 a gambler may enter to try to win the mind boggling $20,000 pot. Those lacking the cash might be able to find an angel to sponsor them, and even if one isn't interested in the card game there's entertainment a plenty, all sponsored by mayoral candidate William Blakeley! Surely nothing could possibly happen when this much money is involved, right? Gordon Riley; Lily Mayfair; Jackson Tanning; Alexander Tithes; John Newcomb; Doc James McCoy 2xp, John Newcomb makes $400
Blazer889 Sword in the Stone Part 2 9/22/21 After traveling a week out of El Paso the party arrived at the village of Una Cerveza only to find the Catholic Mission and the town in ruins with bodies in the streets. Seemingly all of this destruction being caused by bandits employed by another group who is looking for the same "Family Heirloom" as Arthur. When pressed about what this heirloom is Arthur is still reluctant to relay any additional information. However after interrogating a captured officer from the bandits it is made clear that the main group of bandits lead by one Captain Lopez are on their way to the next old Spanish Mission intent on recovering this heirloom. Can the group stop this group save the next town from the same fate as Una Cerveza? Can they discover the group behind these dastardly attack and recover this heirloom of Arthur's? Find out next time! Elijah Murray; Sister Xavier Ann; Jared Rockwell; Otto von Muller; Jebediah the Wind Walker; Nathan Reynolds 2xp, $150, a horse for Otto Von Muller, $75 for Ara and Jasmine
Nukes Blood & Water 9/21/21 Hei Lee has been looking for Lily for a couple days and is worried as to where she might be.

In her last meeting with Lily before the deputy left she'd mentioned having a drink with her cousin, Jacob. Hei has asked the posse to try and find the missing deputy.

Darnell Buchanan; Jackson Tanning; Sister Xavier Ann; Caleb Blackwood; Nathan Reynolds 2xp, $15 from hocking misc. goods
Rickerman Jimmy Meets Girl 9/16/21 Stable hand Jimmy is looking flustered, something has the giant in a tizzy and the group has come to help. Will they be able to help Jimmy or will his dreams die, just like his mule? Lily Mayfair; Lyle Cranston 2xp, 1 Conviction
Blazer889 Sword in the...Stone 9/15/21 A stranger has arrived in Brimstone looking for help to recover a family heirloom. When asked for his name he tells you it is Arthur in an English accent. Arthur says that he believes the Heirloom he is looking for is somewhere along or maybe even over the border in Mexico. It is going to be a difficult journey over a harsh landscape. Not to mention all of the recent trouble along the border, plague, murders, and unrest that the Mexican government is struggling to keep under control. For your help Arthur is willing to pay $100 a person, and an additional $50 if you are able to recover the heirloom for Arthur. Ara Vasquez; Sister Xavier Ann; Nathan Reynolds; Jebediah the Wind Walker; Jasmine Belmont 2xp
Nukes No Thanks, I'm Stuffed 9/14/21 A man named Lance O'Boyle has come into town looking for a posse of folks to assist him on a hunt. Mountain lions have been spotted around Cimarron, NM and are taking livestock from nearby farms and ranches. Nathan Reynolds; Pauline Hall; Elijah Murray 2 xp, $17 each
PitViper27 The Hand that Rocks the C 9/11/21 The Rocking C Ranch has recently found one of its cattle mutilated, the latest in a series of several local ranches dealing with such a problem. Even more low on hands than usual recently, it's looking for both new employees and outside help to try to figure out what the Hell is going on. Darnell Buchanan; Lily Mayfair; Jackson Tanning; Pauline Hall; Nathan Reynolds 2 xp, $15. Darnell gets a job at the Rocking C Ranch
Deanopalooza Old King Coal 9/9/21 There's trouble brewing under Brimstone. Doc Sloan has called his old friend Abraham Wallace into Brimstone to help deal with a BIG problem. But the damage has already been done at the Gunnarsson farm. Doc is worried that something doesn't add up, but Abraham is determined to gather a posse and track the beast down on its own turf. Ara Vasquez; Walter Kohler; Elijah Murray; Jackson Tanning; Jehovah 2 XP and $50 each
Huginn Lover's Quarrel (Part 3) 9/3/21 At the end of a long days journey you finally arrive in the dusty mining town of Uriel.

As the wind ravaged wooden structures close in around you. You catch the glimpse of fearful faces, bathed in pale lantern light. Their eyes following your group closely, from behind closely pulled curtains.

Doc James; Jackson Tanning; Elijah Murray; Sister Xavier Ann; Sammy Lions 2 xp, $35 each
Rickerman Can You See the Hues? 9/2/21 Howard H. Hues has come to Brimstone with a chip on his shoulder... or several. His personal train stops at the rail station with black rail markings on it. 30 armed men exit the train with Howard in the middle of the group. Does this spell trouble for Brimstone? Find out next time on Total Desert Island! Quinn Nazene (and Lily); Darnell Buchanan; Jared Rockwell; Jackson Tanning; Dr. Henry Ollerton; Elijah Murray; Pauline Hall; Nathan Reynolds Gain 2xp. Nathan also gets $100. RIP Quinn Nazene
PitViper27 Boom Boom Goes the Dynamite 9/1/21 Theodora "Thunder" Santos' dying message revealed to Ranger Rockwell that one of the members of the Bradshaw Gang, Nicole "Boom Boom" O'Bannon, who helped abduct Junior Joseph's sister, has left the Wichita Witches to be with her lover, Enrique Vasquez, and the crew he runs with. Find them, find Pharah Joseph. With two very invested family members (for two very different reasons), they're suddenly a VERY wanted couple, emphasis on couple, of outlaws! Time to round up a posse! Junior Joseph; Jared Rockwell; Jackson Tanning; Ara Vasquez; Gontiel Tormenta 2xp
Blazer899 Brimstone BBBQ. The extra B is for BYOB! 8/25/21 Fisher McKnight after a generous donation of a T-rex skull to the Jumping Jack by a local posse led by acting Sheriff Tanning, Fisher has decided to capitalize on this, and expand his business a bit by bring barbecue to town. The only problem is that there are many options, but each comes with their own set of issues. A pretentious barbecue pit master in Texas. Or Kansas City barbecue master in… Dodge City! Fisher is willing to pay $20 a person if you can one of these barbecue pit master to agree to come to Brimstone and work with Fisher at the Jumping Jack. Junior Joseph; Sister Xavier Ann; John Newcomb; Rusty; Dr. Henry Ollerton 2xp, $35, $20 from Fisher McKnight, and $15 from the Marshal from Dodge City for solving the kidnapping.
Gumbus Cactaceae Catastrophe 8/22/21 Advertisements have been posted throughout town (with and without permission) by a gentlemen known as Chubarov Aleksandr Vadimovich, who insists that people just call him Sasha if his name is too much.

He's got money, lots of it, and really want some friends to go hunting with him. A ride up to Nevada for reasons that aren't listed. "$50 dollars and a fun hunting trip" is the listed reward. Big Game Hunting with a hearty Russian man? What could possibly go wrong?

Quinn Nazene; Nathan Reynolds; Pauline Hall; Timothy Hue 2xp, 83 dollars, a non expiring Benny, a sad goodbye note from Sasha, Rickerman gets a point of Conviction
GunslingerAndy The Greatest Show In Brimstone! 8/21/21 Enough bad stuff has happened in Brimstone lately. Too much. Time for some fun! Jebediah Nightlinger has brought his Exhibition of the Extraordinary into town. He promises excitement for all, until a good number of his performers decide to head for greener pastures. But surely there are talented townsfolk who can fill the roles so callously abandoned. One night only! And all volunteers get a percentage of ticket sales! So please write your name down on the register and audition! Lily Mayfair; Pauline Hall; Jackson Tanning; John Newcomb; Otto von Muller; Aiyana Winters 2 xp, varied payments for work done at the Exhibition
Gumbus Weapons Test 8/19/21 A ranchers son, Jed Winters, has rolled into town and done his best to get a posse together to help investigate something. He’s willing to pay whatever he’s got. His family's ranch was destroyed just 2 nights ago and he hopes he’s not the sole survivor. Says it was a demon that did it, a cacophony of loud noises in the night and everything was set ablaze. The poor boy wants answers, who’s gonna help him get them? Walter Köhler; Kaela LaLaurie; Nathan Reynolds; Jackson Tanning; Jimmy Ford; Elijah Murray 2xp; $363.75
estarrion Explorer's Society Shan Fan Mission 8/12/21 The former leader of the Brimstone Explorer's Society, Capt. August Leighton, has organized a hunting party to travel via airship to Shan Fan and investigate the murders of several Society members. Uncle Ben; John Newcomb; Pauline Hall; Jackson Tanning; Lily Mayfair; Dr. Henry Ollerton 2xp; $60
PitViper27 A Friendly Game of Poker 8/6/21 The ghost of Mangler Mulligan attacks! Jackson Tanning; Jasmine Belmont; Junior Joseph; Rusty Graves; Lily Mayfair 2xp
PitViper27 Comin' Round the Mountain 7/30/21 Congratulations, pardner! You have won the Smith and Robards Brimstone Representative Raffle! You are entitled to an all expenses paid train trip to Salt Lake City and a free tour of the Smith and Robards factory, complete with samples at the end! The train departs at 9 AM sharp for a multi-day luxury journey to the destination. I'm sure absolutely nothing could go wrong on this little vacation whatsoever! Jackson Tanning; Jasmine Belmont; Otto von Muller; Rusty Graves 2xp
estarrion Jail Break 7/22/21 Sammy Lions has a plan: break the mad scientist Dr. Morton Marley out of the Brimstone prison before his trial begins, and in exchange have him use his skills to create a device or weapon that can affect spirits. He recruits some morally gray hirelings to help him in his endeavor. Sammy Lions; Auntie Mei; Gretchen Hexen; Felix Darcy; Claude Dubois 2xp, undetermined jail time
Rickerman The Haunted House 6/30/21 A man offers $50 to people who can make it through his terrifying haunted house on the outskirts of Brimstone. Elijah Murray; Quinn Nazene; Sister Xavier Ann; Jackson Tanning; Sammy Lions; Otto von Muller 2xp, one benny, $3
PitViper27 Witch Trial 6/25/21 At long last the trial of "Lightning" Lenora Langely and Theodora "Thunder" Santos for armed robbery, assault, and murder is set to be underway. But if you think the trial of two alleged Wichita Witches is going to go off without a hitch you aren't sound enough to be a juror! A certain local fixture wants to make sure the duo meet justice, actual justice, and is recruiting trusted individuals to help make that happen. Dell Gunnarson; Gontiel Tormenta; Jared Rockwell; Sister Xavier Ann; Lily Mayfair 2xp, Conviction
Huginn Lover's Quarrel (Part 2) 6/18/21 The adventure continues. Sammy Lions; Dell Gunnarson; Sister Xavier Ann; Elijah Murray 2xp
Huginn Lover's Quarrel (Part 1) 6/12/21 At the end of a long days journey you finally arrive in the dusty mining town of Uriel. As the wind ravaged wooden structures close in around you. You catch the glimpse of fearful faces, bathed in pale lantern light. Their eyes following your group closely, from behind closely pulled curtains. Lily Mayfair; Sammy Lions; Dell Gunnarson; Sister Xavier Ann; Rufus Hull 2xp, 1 colt pistol, 1 Winchester rifle, 1 pearl necklace worth $175 (split for $35 each after sale)
estarrion Stolen New Science Devices 6/10/21 Brimstone's local Smith and Robards representative, Albert Finley, has sent discreet word to the sheriff's office that several of his 'new science devices' were stolen last night. He needs a quiet investigation into who stole them so they can be brought to justice, and is offering $35 per person. Quinn Nazene; Sister Xavier Ann; Elijah Murray; Jackson Tanning; Otto von Muller 2xp, $35, a gatling rifle, 7 orphans, and 1 dog named Pete
estarrion Twilight Protocol: Famine at Bell Ranch 5/25/21 Ranch owner Wilson Waddingham has discreetly contacted the Territorial Rangers to let them know that soon after the Hawley Gang was booted from the ranch, the entire region has been suffering from a sickness that causes both plant and animal to waste away. Waddingham's prize cattle, worth over $20 a head, along with all of the staff at the ranch are in danger of starving to death in the next couple of weeks unless something can be done. Doc James McCoy; Sammy Lions; Lily Mayfair; Elijah Murray; Dr. Bishop 2xp, Conviction
PitViper27 Into The Abyss 5/22/21 Sgt. Griffiths of the Explorer's Society has recently been made aware of the existence of a strange creature made out of a black ooze in one of the nearby mines. Though a posse of townsfolk were (probably) successful in killing the creature, caving in the mine in the process, the society is interested in the nature of this strange "blob" and its possible origins. They are willing to pay $25 for hired guns, miners, and/or academics to accompany them on their latest expedition. Sister Xavier Ann; Lily Mayfair; Sammy Lions; Dell Gunnarson; Jared Rockwell 2xp, $25
estarrion Outlaw Train to Reno 5/13/21 The Hawley Gang, notorious troublemakers who caused quite a ruckus at Bell Ranch some months ago, are being transported to Reno to stand trial for their crimes, including robbing several banks and throwing the money to bystanders as they fled town. A protection detail for the train has been requested by the Reno authorities, as the gang is a rowdy bunch. Pays $35 per posse member. Albrecht von Manstein; Otto von Muller; Quinn Nazene; Doc Sloan; Harrison Faraday 2xp, $35
PitViper27 Rattle 'Em Bones 5/4/21 Mr. Tanning. Stop. Greetings from California. Stop. Dig is going well, but unexpected discovery. Stop. It has attracted "interest" from ruffians. Stop. Your pistol saved my life. Stop. Professor hiring additional security. Suggested your name. Stop. Pay is $35. Hellstromme Industries air carriage leaves from Denver on the 13th. Train and air fair included. Stop. Respond if interested. Stop

- Henrietta Malcolm

PS: Bring friends.

Jackson Tanning; Sammy Lions; Jared Rockwell; Henry Ollerton; Jedidiah 2xp, $35, and a tyrannosaurus rex skull (with four bullet holes in it) to go over the Jumping Jack's bar.
estarrion Black River Revenge 4/29/21 The posse wants to put the hurt on Black River Rail after their latest effort to bully Remy Rodgers off of his land and get the Brimstone spur pushed through. The group has a lead on Black River's local hideout and it's time for some revenge. Jackson Tanning; Otto von Muller; Lily Mayfair; Sammy Lions; Elijah Murray; Rusty Graves 2xp, salvage from Dr. Marley's lab
estarrion Colfax County Range War 4/23/21 The Maxwell Land Grant has displaced many people in northern New Mexico, causing a range war to rage on in Colfax County for over ten years. Recently, two small prospector operations near Folsom, NM are close to a mine and have both claimed ownership. Things have gotten much worse since Ghost Rock was discovered there, leading to jealousy and outright violence between the two groups. Local law has been overwhelmed and has asked for troubleshooters to intervene. A lump sum of $300 for the group that stops the violence. Dell Gunnarson; Lily Mayfair; Jackson Tanning; Elijah Murray; Sammy Lions; Otto von Muller 2xp, $50
PitViper27 Something From Down There 4/17/21 Brimstone has no shortage of miners. There's a fortune worth of ghost rock in these hills, and prospectors arrive and leave daily, some finding their fortunes, some going completely bust, and many managing to scrape up just enough to fritter it away at the town's saloons, casinos, and cat houses. The Owens Brothers own one such mine, and like a lot of folk they're mighty secret about where their exact claim is. Still, they come to town every weekend to buy supplies and whoop it up. Well, almost every weekend. Nobody's seen hide nor hair of any of the Owens boys for two weeks now, and while it's possible they just decided to sell their stake and get up and leave, the assay office as no records of such a transaction. Folks are starting to get worried, and mayoral candidate William Blakeley is offering $10 a piece to cowpokes willing to check up on the missing miners. Lily Mayfair; Dell Gunnarson; Dr. Bishop; Jebediah the Wind Waker 2xp, $10, $70 of ghost rock ore
PitViper27 The Caldwell Devil 4/3/21 Something, perhaps emphasis on THING, is going on in the town of Caldwell. Local songstress Lillie Hutchins apparently has kin there and is worried about the rumors. Her own schedule is far too filled with performances to head out, and heaven forbid if a delicate, proper lady like herself were to find out there was some truth to these wild rumors in-person. That's why she's offering $35 to brave and investigative souls willing to put her mind at ease by looking into this problem. Jared Rockwell; Gontiel Tormenta; Dell Gunnarson; Nick Newton 2xp, $35, one benny to Dell for session recap
estarrion Remy Rodgers’ Rootin’ Tootin’ Rodeo 4/1/21 Brimstone, Get Ready for Remy Rodgers’ Rootin’ Tootin’ Rodeo! Come for the Bronco Ridin', Ropin', Shootin', Dancin', Food and Spirits! Don't Miss The Newest Craze in the Southwest! Rusty Graves; Jackson Tanning; Elijah Murray; Dr. H. Ollerton; Otto von Muller 2xp, $50
estarrion The Howling Evil 3/18/21 The arrival of a small Arapaho tribe to town brought with it an unexpected piece of knowledge: a lead to the monster that last year killed two Society members and cost Sgt. Griffiths his eye. He is determined to find the beast and get his revenge, and needs as much firepower as he can get. Reward: $50 each for those who help kill the beast. Rusty Graves; Jackson Tanning; Sammy Lions; Dell Gunnarson; Elijah Murray 2xp, $50
PitViper27 Hiring: Protection for Cattle Drive 3/10/21 Charles Goodnight of the Goodnight Cattle Trail is looking for some hardy cowpokes who might help drive his herd from Texas to Bell Ranch, NM on their way to Colorado so they can be sold at market. His prize steers are worth a pretty penny, and there are plenty more dangers popping up on the trail every day. Albrecht von Manstein; Doc James McCoy; Sammy Lions; Dell Gunnarson 2xp, $40
PitViper27 The One-Armed Bandit 2/26/21 Hellstromme Industries has an $800 price on the head of Bernard "Salt Lake" Slattery for multiple murders and the theft of company property, specifically an experimental ghost rock-powered prosthetic arm. The outlaw's been last seen in Lincoln County south of Brimstone, and Sammy Lions is looking to rustle up a posse to rustle up some cash. The lead's probably gonna be flyin,' because this bounty is Dead or Alive. Dr. H. Ollerton; Jared Rockwell; Sammy Lions; Jackson Tanning; Ara Vasquez 2xp, $200
PitViper27 Spurred to Action 2/12/21 Deputy Jackson Tanning has heard that Black River is laying a new track south of Boise City up in Oklahoma, possibly with the intent of linking up their rail line with Brimstone! Well aware that Mina Devlin's company has been nothing but trouble so far and searching for possible leads about the location of the now captured Phara Joseph, he and Ranger Rockwell are looking to rustle up a posse to look into this matter. Jared Rockwell; Sammy Lions; Gontiel Tormenta; Junior Joseph; Dell Gunnarson; Jackson Tanning 2xp
PitViper27 Calling Avery's Bluff 1/23/21 Recently there have been mutterings about odd behavior and increased outbreaks of violence in the neighboring town of Avery’s Bluff. Word is that Mr. William Blakeley, owner of Blakeley Financial and Brimstone mayoral candidate, is offering $15 a person for cowpokes willing to discretely look into this matter and the local Donovan Mining Company for him. Doc James McCoy; Nick Newton; Junior Joseph; Jackson Tanning; Dell Gunnarson 2xp, $65
PitViper27 Get the Hell to Dodge! 1/8/21 Wanted: Brave folks willing to journey to the the wild and woolly cattle capital of the Weird West! Brimstone's own Junior Joseph has learned from one of the Wichita Witches he helped capture that his missing sister Phara was last spotted in Dodge City in the company of another coven of Mina Devlin's golden girls. Eager to find and rescue his sibling and understanding both how difficult it can be to track somebody down in a urban environment and how deadly the ladies working for Black River can be, the teenager is mustering up a posse to accompany him on this dangerous personal mission. Hey, if nothing else it's a chance to see the big city! Junior Joseph; Jackson Tanning; Dr. H. Ollerton; Sammy Lions; Doc James McCoy 2xp
estarrion Outlaws from the 37th Chamber 12/30/20 Trouble is brewin' in Brimstone's Chinatown. It's said that former students of the Shaolin temple in Shan Fan, the 37th Chamber, are causing trouble nearby, and the leadership in town needs some help to sort things out. Solomon Mao; Elijah Murray; Sammy Lions; Jackson Tanning; Jared Rockwell 2xp
estarrion Horse Thieves 12/17/20 Pursuing the Phillips Brothers, notorious horse thieves in this area of New Mexico. Sammy Lions; Dr. H. Ollerton; Otto von Muller; Rusty Graves; Jackson Tanning 2xp
estarrion Cattle Drive - Session 3 12/4/20 The end of the road! Elijah Murray; Dr. H. Ollerton; Otto von Muller; Doc James McCoy; Jackson Tanning 2xp; $60, negotiated cash
PitViper27 Beer Run 11/21/20 Booze doesn't grow on trees, and if Brimstone's hotels, saloons, and restaurants are low on liquor then Doreatha Floy might as well be one of the Lord's angels of mercy whenever she rolls into town with her "whiskey wagon." Recently though the gal's found herself in quite a pickle. Luckily for Brimstone her and her cargo got here just fine a few days back, but a bar brawl gone wrong has left her with a busted hand, and her shotgun rider and escorts temporarily in the hoosegow! That'd be bad enough, but Floy's got a tip that she's in for at one Hell 'o a payday if she can make it to an increasingly thirsty Fort Sumner down in Lincoln County before any of her competition. She's desperate for gunmen, riders, and most vitally a teamster willing to make the 200 or so mile journey for her, and is offering $25 and a free bottle of top shelf guinness each. Jackson Tanning; Junior Joseph; Dr. H. Ollerton 2xp
estarrion Cattle Drive - Session 2 11/14/20 The cattle drive rolls on! After some dangerous encounters with nasty beasts and also Bayou Vermilion Rail, Bill Sutter's crew continues north from the San Angelo area and moves toward New Mexico for the next leg of the journey. From San Angelo, new posse members can be brought on. Elijah Murray; Dr. H. Ollerton; Otto von Muller; Doc James McCoy; Jackson Tanning 2xp; $60
estarrion Cattle Drive - Session 1 10/29/20 Let's hit the trail, pardner! Bill Sutter is looking for some hardy cowpokes (all character types welcome) to help drive his herd from Southwest Texas toward Colorado so they can be sold at market. His prize steers are worth a pretty penny, and there are plenty more dangers popping up on the trail every day. Pay is $60 per month and all the beans you can eat. This is the first leg of the cattle drive, with no requirement to sign up for further adventures in this series. Elijah Murray; Dr. H. Ollerton; Otto von Muller; Doc James McCoy 2xp; $60
estarrion A Haunting Tale 10/14/20 (Special Halloween Session) Gordon Brewer has posted a notice around town looking for help solving a mystery in his town that has claimed the lives of dozens of townspeople since the close of the Civil War. He is offering $40 per person to help the town. He will be leaving in 2 days to guide the posse there. Dr. Winston Bishop; Elijah Murray; Dr. H. Ollerton; Otto von Muller; Eli "Wedlock" Adams; Rusty Graves 2xp; $40
Freewolf Guards Needed for Wagon Train Bound for Dodge City - Part 2 10/2/20 John Markstrom is seen around town posting a few notices looking for some extra guards for his three wagon train bound for Dodge City. Pay is $10 a day plus food. Trip is expected to take a week. When asked about it John responds, "Travel to Dodge City, and the city itself, taint' no picnic. But what has been concerned is some wagon attacks that have been happening. Has to be some of those damn Comanche savages that attack. Cause the rumors I hear aren't about gunshots and robbery. So looking for those that can handle themselves in a fight. I got some merchandise to protect." Junior Joseph; Jared Rockwell; Gontiel Tormenta; Jackson Tanning; Sammy Lions 2xp
estarrion Cat and Mouse 10/1/20 Framed by Black River Rail for destroying Bayou Vermilion's train depot in El Paso, the Explorer's Society hires troubleshooters to find and protect their leader, Captain August Leighton, before the vengeful rail line's goons catch up with him. Rusty Graves; Lillie Hutchins; Jackson Tanning; Sammy Lions 2xp; $125 each
PitViper27 Payback's a Witch 9/27/20 Some of Mina Devlin's golden girls, the Wichita Witches, shot up the Silver Palace Saloon and Dance Hall, with two of them, "Lightning" Lenora Langely and Theodora "Thunder" Santos, successfully riding off into the night, despite the best efforts of several valiant townsfolk. Now Deputy Jackson Tanning is rustling up a posse to try to bring the ruthless rail warriors to justice. One thing's for sure though, it ain't gonna be easy. There aren't many of them, but Black River's elite are said to be some of the best of the best, and some folk even whisper that "witch" isn't just an appellation, but that these women can do actual black magic! But those are just tall tales, right? Ulysses Sack; Quince Bullen; Junior Joseph; Jackson Tanning; Sammy Lions 2xp; $82 each
Freewolf Guards Needed for Wagon Train Bound for Dodge City 9/25/20 John Markstrom is seen around town posting a few notices looking for some extra guards for his three wagon train bound for Dodge City. Pay is $10 a day plus food. Trip is expected to take a week. When asked about it John responds, "Travel to Dodge City, and the city itself, taint' no picnic. But what has been concerned is some wagon attacks that have been happening. Has to be some of those damn Comanche savages that attack. Cause the rumors I hear aren't about gunshots and robbery. So looking for those that can handle themselves in a fight. I got some merchandise to protect." Junior Joseph; Jared Rockwell; Gontiel Tormenta; Jackson Tanning; Sammy Lions 2xp; $80 each
Rich Arrow Rock Murders 9/16/20 The boomtown of Arrow Rock is in an uproar after a series of gristly murders. After the latest victim’s head was discovered severed some 30 feet away from the body, Mayor Rodney Ford authorized the placement of an ad for the hiring of additional lawmen. Applicants with prior experience with law enforcement are preferred, but not required. Ara Vasquez; Junior Joseph; Jared Rockwell; Gontiel Tormenta; Elijah Murray 2xp; $200
PitViper27 Fight Night 9/5/20 A flurry of fliers and posted advertisements have sprung up around the town seemingly overnight, each and every one of them advertising an upcoming boxing match to take place at the Crystal Palace Saloon and Music Hall. They're pretty darn hard to miss, but the odd cowpoke who doesn't notice doesn't have to worry, because the slick-looking, fancy-dressing out-of-towner flapping his gums right in the middle of main street is making sure there isn't a soul in Brimstone who doesn't know about the fights. Solomon Mao; Shun Qiaohe; Hutch Scanlan; Agent Newton 2xp; $50
estarrion The Lion's Den 8/28/20 A young woman arrives in Brimstone looking for Ulysses Sack. She says that she is from a Native American Tribe outside of the Denver area, and that her people are being driven off of their land by a ruthless corporation. She read about Ule's high-profile departure from the company and the tale of him assisting with the Paiute Indians in Nevada, and pleads for his help. She says that the tribe can offer anyone who helps $10, but this is all the money they have. Ulysses Sack; Junior Joseph; Chester Watts; Oscar Lupine; Elijah Murray 2xp; Use of the "Brave" edge for next adventure. If you have "Brave" then you may use "Guts."
estarrion Children of the Worm 8/20/20 The local law enforcement of Cimarron sent out a call for assistance with a cult that was discovered to be operating out of the former Abreu Ranch, calling themselves the "Children of the Worm." The ranch has been cleared out and arrests have been made, but it appears that several abductees and the cult's leader Clifford Nolan are in a deep chasm unreachable by authorities. Chester Watts; Junior Joseph; Doc James McCoy; Jared Rockwell; Gontiel Tormenta 2xp; $75
estarrion Attacks on S&R Airship Line 8/15/20 There are rumors of attacks on the Smith & Robards planned airship line between Denver and Shan Fan, most likely by greedy rail companies that don't relish the competition. Madame Luli has tasked Solomon Mao with gathering a posse and assisting S&R in this matter.

Solomon Mao; Quince Bullen; Albrecht von Manstein; Elijah Murray; Doc James McCoy 2xp; $150; Albrecht gets 1 benny
estarrion Buried Treasure 7/30/20 It's been said that there is Confederate gold buried in the hills a few miles north of Brimstone, but no one has been willing to search for it as the area is rumored to be haunted. A few brave souls may eventually form a posse and see if they can strike it rich. (Beginner adventure) Sammy Lions; Moses Bridgewater; Jeremiah Storm; Doc James McCoy 2xp; Salvage from mad scientist lab
Freewolf The Iron Men 7/25/20 The Iron Men plague Colfax County’s financial establishments. This gang of bank robbers relies on an array of strange and unnatural gizmos to give them a decided edge over any small-town law dogs that might oppose them. In need of assistance from those more skilled at wrangling bounties. Head to Maxwell City and check with Sheriff Daniel Henderson. Ara Vasquez; Gontiel Tormenta; Solomon Mao; Jackson Tanning; Elijah Murray 2xp; $100
estarrion Explorer's Society Amarillo Mission 7/17/20 August Leighton, the head of Explorer's Society, Brimstone Chapter, has put out a notice looking for "scientists and outdoorsmen" to accompany the Society on their periodic missions into the desert to study the local flora and fauna. Oskar von Menge; Oscar Lupine; Gontiel Tormenta; Lillie Hutchins; Dr. Winston Bishop 2xp; $80
Freewolf Help Needed on a Rainy Day 7/13/20 It's been raining steadily for a few hours. You find yourself walking through the rain down main street. Out of the rainstorm a hard-ridden mare gallops down Main Street in a lather. There’s a young lad—12 years old at the most—hanging on to her mane for dear life. They both look played out. The youth gets a wild look in his eyes as soon as he sees people. "Please, Mister!" he hollers. "You gotta help my Paw and Uncle Eli!" Sammy Lions; Solomon Mao; Jackson Tanning; Zachariah Gilham 2xp; $60; Goodwill of Gus Rawlings, Cattle Driver
estarrion Pueblo Investigation 2 7/11/20 Doctor Fresnel has been defeated and the recipe for the horrible substance destroyed, but his research mentions "grafting of the undead together" at his experiments in the Pueblo Steel Mill. Elijah Murray; Solomon Mao; Ulysses Sack; Quince Bullen 2xp; $11 each
Ezri Steel Embers and Sulfurs 7/10/20 "Friends. We call upon you in our hour of need. Strange creatures haunt our lands. Small devils drying our fields and tormenting our crops. As brothers in Christendom we beg aid." Shepherd Brooks Reward: $33/player, 1 Favour from the Revelationists. Preacher Jedidiah Abernathy; Simeon Mays; Oskar von Menge; Zachariah Gilham; Ara Vasquez 2xp; $35 each; one favor from the Revelationists
estarrion Bodyguards For High Stakes Poker Game 7/9/20 The town of Cimarron is hosting its annual "Moon Stakes" poker tournament, and famous gambler Castor Greeley is again in attendance. He is looking for a few hardy troubleshooters to help protect his interests against his rivals, of which there are many, during the tournament. Pay is $25 per person. (Introductory adventure) Moses Bridgewater; Doc James McCoy; Oscar Lupine 2xp; $68 each
Freewolf Lynching in Eastman's Creek 6/27/20 Eastman's Creek in need of help. Recently some varmints have been breaking into rancher's homesteads and dragging them to an old tree and lynching them. No outlaws or anyone else has shown themselves or taken credit. A marshal has been called for but is likely still days out. We are in need of help. Head to The Buckhorn Saloon in Eastman's Creek and ask for Chuck. Hutch Scanlan; Elijah Murray; Gontiel Tormenta; William Tailor; Zachariah Gilham 2xp; $30 each; Conviction to William, Zach and Hutch; 1 benny to Hutch for session recap
Ezri Steel Order in the Tomb 6/25/20 The Diamondback stirs again. The roulette wheel turns and lands on gold. Another contract appears on the wall. This time, the Snicket Heir is more direct, asking for a posse to dispose of a new threat. The city of Kinsley's Valley has been abandoned for many years now after a natural disaster killed most of its residents and forced the rest to flee. Only the courthouse stands. The mission is clear: collect the court's records, then burn the ruin to the ground. Payment: $49/person (TEXANS NEED NOT APPLY) Lillie Hutchins; Solomon Mao; Simeon Mays; Martin Robinson; Ulysses Sack 2xp, $49 each
estarrion Pueblo Investigation 6/20/20 As they care for the horses after their return from Bell Ranch in Nevada, Solomon takes the opportunity to speak with Elijah. "Esteemed Uncle, as we were leaving South Fork, Olaf, the town deputy who helped us discover what was going on, approached me privately. He found a vial of the black liquid from the doctor's secret lab, the same substance we think was changing the townspeople into zombies, only this one was labeled "BATCH 34, PUEBLO CO." Olaf destroyed the vial with the rest we burned, but told me that he was entrusting me with the duty of doing what was needed in light of this discovery. Honored Elder Brother, I think that either the doctor in South Fork was distributing the substance, or, perhaps worse, that he received the substance from a supplier in Pueblo. I believe we should gather a... how do you say it? Posse? Yes, a posse, to go to Pueblo, investigate, and try to put an end to this evil once and for all. Would you be willing to help?" Elijah Murray; Solomon Mao; Ulysses Sack; Quince Bullen 2xp
Ezri Steel Lost and Found 6/18/20 The new resident at the Diamondback has put up a reward of $77 for the return of a stolen doll, last seen in Rapid Creek, north of Brimstone. The reward is suspiciously high but the bills are real. In addition, they are offering more in exchange for the head of the thief. Simeon Mays; Lillie Hutchins; Ulysses Sack; Gideon Fields; Martin Robinson 2xp, $77 apiece, 1 benny to Lillie for session recap
estarrion Trouble at Bell Ranch 6/13/20 The notorious Hawley Gang has attacked the Bell Ranch (115 miles southwest of Brimstone) and caused major chaos by stealing, letting cattle free and destroying property. The rancher, Wilson Waddingham, has wired Brimstone for help rounding up the gang. Pay is $25 apiece plus travel expenses. Ulysses Sack; Elijah Murray; William Tailor; Solomon Mao; Quince Bullen 2xp, $25 apiece, 1 benny to Quince Bullen for session recap
Zomdee Giants in the Mist 6/12/20 For nearly a month, strangely persistent mists have covered the territory north of Lovelock. Soon Paiute Indians residing miles away moved to open lands to the south—curiously close to settlements. Though friendly, Lovelock’s folks could sense the Paiutes’ carefully disguised fear. When livestock went missing, the relocated Paiutes were suspected. But local law dogs found no evidence of their involvement. Then two remote homesteads were found razed and deserted, and now the townsfolk openly debate acting against the quiet Paiutes. Town marshal Buzz Hopkins, concerned over the escalating situation, fears open hostilities between settlers and Indians. Solomon Mao; Gideon Fields; Lillie Hutchins; Ulysses Sack 2xp, Conviction, $50 apiece
BoredGM Mail Call 6/9/20 A help wanted sign hangs in the office of the Amarillo Texas Mail & Telegraph company’s window. “Help Wanted: Coach Driver and Escorts for mail and cargo delivery to the Mail & Telegraph offices in Brimstone, New Mexico. Offer $15 per person. (This is a novice adventure intended to be an introduction for new players to the Savage Worlds system, Discord, or Savage Bot. Your characters start out in Amarillo, TX and escort a mail delivery coach to Brimstone, NM) Oskar von Menge; Ulysses Sack; Stockton Thompson; Wilton Ramsey; Leopold Salzwedel 2xp, $15 apiece
estarrion Rogue Sheriff 6/5/20 Mayor Hartley of the town of South Fork, Colorado has wired that the local sheriff has gone rogue, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. He needs troubleshooters to help curb his streak of vengeance. The pay is $50 apiece. South Fork is 180 miles northwest of Brimstone, one day by train. Coinneach MacIntyre; Elijah Murray; Solomon Mao; Shun Qiaohe 2xp, Conviction, $50 apiece, 1 benny to Elijah Murray for session recap