Twilight Protocol: Famine at Bell Ranch

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A terse report of activities of at the Bell Ranch submitted to the Explorers Society

Took food to the Bell Ranch with Mayfair, Murray, Doc, and Dr. The place had been cursed by Famine Spirits. We spent the night in the main house before heading to the previous location of the Hawley gang, gathering cows along the way. When we arrived there we met a yellow ranger and Brook Hawley and co. were there again. Convinced them to surrender, one of them looked squirrely so I shot his arm off. This attracted the attention of Faminites in the barn who rushed out the gang ran at that point. Mayfair managed to take care of both the Faminites and the fleeing gang. Sent the incompetent ranger back to the main house with the gang tied up but he managed to lose them on the way. Will kill Brook Hawley next time I see him. We burned the dead Faminites and spent the night in the house. In the morning we continued to the source of the curse, a small bunk station on the West edge of the ranch. Arriving there we dynamited the poisoned well causing it to collapse and expose large natural caverns underneath the buildings. We followed those to the end killing all the Faminites we encountered (11). In the last cavern, we found survivors and we were surrounded and attacked by Famine Spirits. The FS were immune to both bullets and fire, only taking damage from healing energies. The fight was close and we only survived because two of the spirits chose to flee, we did manage to kill the other two. With their departure the curse seemed lifted.