Jail Break

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Sammy, Mai, Felix, Gretchen, and Claude met in an alley at the edge of Chinatown. They were observed by some asian residents who Mai recognized. The plan was established that after midnight a large explosion would be set off by Gretchen on the southwest side of town. The large explosion was to be set in a building undergoing construction. Followed shortly by a series of smaller explosions along the southeast side of town; set by Claude. The smaller explosions were to be set in outhouses; after which Claude would head out of town. All explosion sites were chosen to cause the least harm to people. After setting off the large explosion Gretchen was supposed to draw pursuers away by loudly riding away on the back of Felix’s velocipede. After the distracting explosions were set off and the sheriff/deputies were busy; Sammy and Mai would approach the jail, Mai would break through the wall into the Dr’s cell then after taking him the group of three were to leave town.

Putting the plan into action:

After dark the group split with Gretchen and Felix going to the explosion site and Claude going to search out outhouses. Gretchen’s roll to approach the site stealthy succeeded but still drew some minor attention, Claude’s roll succeeded many times over. Sammy and Mai walked towards the jail using side streets. Asked for a stealth roll both crit failed, the sheriff appeared with El Hurricane and two deputies and informed Sammy that he knew everything that was going to happen, that he should get out of town and that he had always known Sammy was trouble and and never liked him because of that. He said he wasn’t going to arrest him then and left going to the jail. Sammy and Mai immediately turned away from the jail before looping back around in a much more stealthful manner. Both passed their stealth checks to approach the jail. Gretchen passed her check to set explosives and both Gretchen and Felix both passed and far exceeded their second stealth checks. Gretchen set off the primary explosion from the back of the velocipede and then Felix roared off down the street. Members of the explorer society shot at them with one miss and one hit due to a bennied reroll. Claude set his charges to go off randomly about 6 to 8 minutes apart after hearing the initial explosion then left the area unmolested. While waiting at the front of the jail Sammy pulled two unfamiliar guns gripping one in each hand, at the same time Mai moved stealthily around to the rear of the jail where the Dr’s cell was located. There was one deputy behind the jail, the sheriff and others were not to be seen. After the main explosion there was no movement of the deputies or appearance of the sheriff. When the secondary explosions started happening Sammy shot into the upper facade of the front of the jail with the guns, before calling out that the wichita witches were attacking the town. The sheriff finally came outside and along with a deputy and El Hurricane. The sheriff again told Sammy not to do this and reiterated that he was just trouble and that he was disgusted/angered by him being in the town. Sammy retorted that the sheriff could just walk away, that they did not have to have a fight here and that the sheriff was a coward for not going to aid the town after the explosions. This loud exchange did not move the deputy from the rear of the building but did allow Mai another stealth roll to get past her to the wall of the sheriff’s office. The sheriff challenged Sammy to a duel and so Sammy dropped the unfamiliar guns and walked out. In the 3 rounds running up to the dual Sammy was taunted and intimidated by the deputy, El hurricane, and the sheriff once each per round for a total of 9, Taunt, distract, and intimidate were all used by Sammy with one failure and two crit failures. Having the high card in the duel the sheriff opted to shoot first and not wait. Sammy was shot for two unsoakable wounds. Sammy fired no shots in return before withdrawing behind cover. The next round the deputy and El Hurricane rushed Sammy but neither could reach him. Sammy activated conviction then fired two shots hitting the deputy and downing him and hitting but not injuring El Hurricane. Sammy acted first the next round, spending a bennie extend conviction, then fanning the hammer and hitting the sheriff with 3 raises and El Hurricane with another 3 shots no raises killing them both. While this was occuring Mai focused her chi and punched a hole in the wall of the jail, after a moment of argument she forcefully pulled the Dr out of the cell turning to contend with the deputy who still remained. The deputy hit Mai wounding her with her first shot, Mai closed the distance and attacked, unable to wound the deputy. Sammy, covered in blood, shot the three men on the ground each in the head, reloaded and proceeded to head to the back of the jail. A voice came out of the shadows before Sammy was shot in the back; “I’m ending your killing”. It was the girl that had sought revenge for her father in a duel before; shooting Sammy in the head but not killing him. Sammy soaked it down to one wound, had the initiative and again activated conviction before unshakinging turning and again fanning the hammer hitting the woman in the shadows enough times to drop her. “Tell your pa I said hello” he rasped before turning again to the alley reloading as he walked. Mai and the deputy exchanged blows again neither able to injure the other as the Dr took this opportunity to escape. Mai broke off the fight running after him. Sammy limped into view at this point causing the deputy to run away scared. Mai caught up to the Dr easily capturing him. Mai and Sammy mounted their horses as lamps were being lit and crowds were gathering. It then became a group dramatic task to escape, requiring 18 successes over three rounds. Aside from the negatives from wounds, 2 clubs were drawn giving a further -2 to those attempts. The first attempt was a driving roll from Felix, who drew a club, he failed his driving roll and everyone was caught.