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Charge of the Brimstone Brigade

Two days ago a child by the name of Jed Winters came riding into town claiming that a demon had destroyed his family ranch. Responding to the child's calls for aid Sheriff Jackson Tanning, Deputy (Under protest) Elijah Murry, ranch hand Jimmy Ford, and new comers to Brimstone Mr. Nathan Reynolds, Gramma Kaela, and Walter Köhler rode out to the ranch to investigate.

At the ranch the posse found a scene of apocalyptic destruction, and the body of Jed's mother. As well as several strange looking small metal projectile like devices. The posse followed a set of limping foot prints away from the farm to the south in hopes of finding the Jed's father. The posse came to the watering hole only to find the fathers partially scorched Winchester and his gun belt submerged in the water, but no body was found.

The posse then headed north following three sets of tracks, when a message in a metal canister was shot at them proclaiming that they were trespassing on the private property of Doctors Marston and Tannenbaum and to please leave now or we would see a full demonstration of their devices. After moving away for a bit the Posse received another message from the good doctors proclaiming they had 5 minutes to leave. At this Mr. Köhler did some rough calculations and the posse mostly Sheriff Tanning assumed it would take 5 minutes to reload spurred his horse to a gallop directly towards the artillery emplacement hopefully before they had a chance to reload.

Mistakes were made, big goddamn mistakes. As the posse broke out into a gallop charging the emplacement. The artillery opened fire. Shooting three times every 20 seconds or so. Unfortunately Jimmy Fords mule, Hornet was caught by one of the shells and did not survive. After which the Deputy (Under protest) Murry and Sheriff Tanning made it up to the emplacement and demanded the surrender of all peoples there. At which point the bandits operating the artillery and protecting it promptly threw down their weapons and surrendered, however this was not all of the people in this bandit camp. The doctors Marston and Tanenbaum were nowhere to be seen. The posse ventured into a cave only to be greeted by several well-armed bandits with Gatling weapons and a mechanical boxing gloves. The posse made short work of these criminals, but still no sign of the Doctors. After questioning the prisoners the Posse discovered that Dr. Tanenbaum had never been there, but Dr. Marston was attempting to make good his escape in a mechanical digging machine. Undeterred the posse figured that Dr. Marston would only have a finite amount of air and fuel to run away underground, so they waited at the top of the hill to see where Dr. Marston would surface… if he surfaced. Their patience paid off as the evil Dr. Marston did eventually surface. At which point the posse decided to give the good doctor a taste of his own medicine, and opened up on him and his digging machine with three successive artillery shots. All of which were direct hits.

The posse investigated the wreckage of the digging machine to confirm that Dr. Marston was dead. Buried Mr. Fords poor mule, and looked to the wellbeing of now orphaned Jed winters.