Rainy Day Almost Leads To Ruin

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Marshal: Freewolf
Game Date: 24 Jul, 2020
Location: Eastman's Creek, NM
Article Published in: Brimstone Bee
Posse Members: Sammy Lions, Solomon Mao, Jackson Tanning, Zachariah Gilham

During last night's storm a boy by the name of Bertram Rawling came riding into town looking for aid. According to local townsfolk at the scene, "The boy and horse looked haggard and spent from a hard ride". Fortunately for the boy and his quest for aid, our newest deputy, Jackson Tanning, was on the scene. When asked for assistance the Deputy wasted no time in enlisting the aid of local townsfolk. The citizens of Brimstone did not disappoint, as they rallied to this despondent child's call to action.

The posse rode out as soon as they were able. After a hard ride to Rafael Creek, the posse was fortunate enough to find Both Eli and Gus Rawling alive. However they had been run into a tree, by what deputy Tanning described as, "The biggest goddamn blood sucking mosquitos you ever have seen. As big as a horse's head! A huge mass of them that came straight at us." According to the deputy, some quick thinking, and a healthy application of dynamite from local, Solomon Mao allowed for these "Mosquitoes" to be dealt with efficiently without too much in the way of bodily harm. After being rescued from the tree, it was discovered by the group that while being chased into the tree, a gang of no good cattle rustlers had made off with a good half of the cattle heading for market via the Lone Star train in the morning.

Undeterred the posse made best possible speed to recover the cattle. When the posse caught up with the cattle tracks, our deputy Tanning attempted to reason with the gang of thieving miscreants, in order to ascertain whether the cattle in their possession were in fact the cattle they were looking for. When suddenly the no good cattle rustling varmints opened fire and attempted to bushwhack the posse! In the opening moments of the ambush, Deputy Tanning was hit in the shoulder. It was thought to have been a fatal shot. But the deputy rolled with the punches, grabbed cover and returned fire at the instigator of the violence. All was not lost, however, as having anticipated that there might have been an ambush, deputy Tanning sent half of the posse to get into a flanking position, Zachariah and Gus Rawling. The deputy commented that, "You should always have a plan B."

With the deputy critically injured, but returning fire, the other member of the posse with the deputy, Solomon Mao and Sammy Lions, surged forward to engage this gang of thieves. In one of the few instances of bring a knife, or in this case a sword, to a gunfight and prevailing, our Solomon Mao cut a bloody swath through the gang members. "Dammedest thing I have ever seen, bullets just seemed to miss him. He came down long the hand of a vengeful god, and slaughtered those thieving bushwhackers" Said Deputy Tanning. This accompanied with the fire from the rest of the posse caused the rest of the gang to hightail it out of there. The posse began clearing the field of battle and looking for survivors, and were able to locate Gus Rawlings missing cattle. However, that is not the end of it dear reader. While in the process of retrieving their horses and inspecting the cattle. The posse was once again set upon!

The Deputy was unable to comment on this as he says, “I have no memory of these events, but believe the other members of the posses’ accounts.” The deputy's memory of the event only picked-up when driving the cattle back into town. But when asking Zachariah, Solomon, Gus, and Sammy, they claim that the cattle as well as themselves were set upon massive leeches as big as a dog, they came swimming up out of the mud! It was during this fight that Zachariah dispatching one or more of the creatures in hand to hand combat, was brought low. Rushing to the sound of combat, Sammy and Solomon who were off getting the horse. Found the creatures carrying off Zachariah for lord knows what reason, and Deputy Tanning surrounded, fighting with both pistol and knife. The other members of the posse say that the deputy had a wild look in his eyes and it appeared that the blood loss from the gunshot taken earlier had gotten to him. As he was screaming about Confederate soldiers, and driving the creatures back to Richmond. It appeared that in the ensuing melee the posse was going to be overwhelmed by these creatures. Through hard bitten determination they managed to drive them off, and recover what they thought was the body of Zachariah.

After the dust up with these creatures, the posse made best possible time to Brimstone with the recovered Cattle in tow. Through driving rain the posse, moved a hundred or more head of cattle through the night to the town, and was able to get the cattle in town with time to spare to make the morning Lone Star cattle train. In this reporter's opinion this episode goes to show you, Civilizing forces are on the rise here in Brimstone. As long as the average citizen continue to rise to the occasion like Solomon Mao, Sammy Lions, and Zachariah Gilham; as well as retaining determined and effective lawmen, such as Deputy Jackson Tanning.