Hawley Gang

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The Hawley Gang were a bunch of troublemakers (but not murderers). Brook Hawley became famous for daredevil antics that got him a following in Leadville, CO. The gang grew to 50 members before they pulled their best trick, a bank heist in Reno where they got away without firing a shot and threw money to bystanders as they left. Relocated to Albuquerque and tortured the city mayor.

A few months ago they rode into the Bell Ranch and caused all kinds of havoc, but a group of troubleshooters managed to arrest him without killing any of his men. As he was being removed from the ranch on his way to trial, he overheard that some of his men had killed each other in a different part of the ranch, and he asked one of the posse members to help them.

Most recently they were cleared of charges in the City o' Gloom and were being transported by Sid Weaver, a US Marshal, to Reno to try for their crimes there. Along the way they tried to escape and things went very wrong. Big Betty and two others were killed, and Brook Hawley jumped off the train and escaped.

A couple of weeks later, Hawley turned up in Bell Ranch, NM looking for his gang members who were turned into 'famine zombies' the last time he was here. The posse members who were also visiting to solve the problem told them to stand down and lay down their arms, and one of the gang members tried to shoot back and was immediately killed by Sammy Lions. Hawley and the three others tried to escape but were trapped in blood vines created by Lilith Mayfair. She argued with Sammy that they should be taken back to face trial rather than be killed. He grudgingly agreed and Blain Corbitt (now a Territorial Ranger) along with Jake Emil, head ranch hand transported Hawley and about two dozen cattle back to the Farm Camp. However, the cows got restless in transit and during the confusion, Hawley and his three men escaped once again.