Rattle 'Em Bones

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Marshal: PitViper27
Game Date: 4 May, 2021
Location: The Maze, California
Article Published in: Brimstone Bee
Posse Members: Sammy Lions, Ranger Jared Rockwell, Jackson Tanning, Jedidiah, Dr. Henry Ollerton

Let Old Bones Lay!

By Albrecht Von Manstein

Responding to the request for aid from a Damsel in distress. Deputy Jackson Tanning organized a group of likeminded fellows to come to the aid of Henrietta Malcolm. A graduate student at the University of Chicago. The group set out early in the morning bound for California and the Maze via an airship out of Denver. The group consisted of Deputy Jackson Tanning, Samuel Lyons, Ranger Jared Rockwell, Dr. Henry Ollerten, and recent arrival to Brimstone Jabidah (No last name given.) After flying to Shan Fran on one of the modern Marvels of our age the group then sailed into the Maze on a Maze Runner of questionable ability and Name. Called Old Boot, which was captained by a man named Old Boot. Contrary to appearance the Captain was of superb skill and delivered the group to the archeological site ahead of scheduled.

Upon arriving at the dig site the group was greeted by a pair of open pits with multiple fully intact dinosaur skeletons. An incredibly rare and valuable find. However, these scholars in pursuit of knowledge were being harassed by Maze Pirates who demanded additional protection money, well beyond the means of these scholars to pay. The group immediately set about securing the dig site against further Pirate attack. By ensuring that there were no traitors amongst the camp members. Fortunately for the group, the sharp eyes of Mr. Lyons caught sight of approaching an Maze Pirate Ironclad several hours before its arrival.

With this advanced warning in place the group planned to deal with the Ironclad before it could get close enough to threaten the dig site. The group with the assistance of a Dr. Gutiérrez created a makeshift naval mine with all of the remaining dynamite put into an airtight barrel. As a backup plan the party planned to have Deputy Tanning swing down from the Cliffs and shove dynamite into the turret of Ironclad. Either fortunately or not for Deputy Tanning the navel mine did its work with Brutal efficiency. The Pirates appeared to have not seen the mine floating towards them and were struck dead on by the explosion. The resulting blast crippled the Ironclad exposing the Ghost Rock boiler. At which point the careful aim of Mr. Lyons punched a hole straight through the boiler causing it to rupture and explode, and engulfed the rest of the ship in flames.

It is at this point in time, dear reader, that I would like to point out that the only existing evidence of the remaining part of this story is a tyrannosaurus skull with several bullet holes in it. That being said all parties involved have sworn to the veracity of the story.

A rumbling in the ground called the group back to the primary dig site. Where they saw all of the dinosaur skeletons having pulled themselves from the ground to "Walk the land once again and feast on the flesh of the living". The group pulled themselves together to face this new and unexpected threat meeting it with cold steel hot lead. Dr. Ollerton dispatching one of the creatures with his saber. While Ranger Rockwell and Deputy Jackson went toe to toe with them. The group downed several of the smaller dinosaurs easily, but that still left one massive meat-eating T-Rex. Nothing seemed to hurt this colossus of bones, bullets and shotgun shells ricocheting harmlessly off of it. It was not until the lucky shot from one of the Local diggers managed to pierce the spinal column of the tyrannosaurus bouncing around causing immense amounts of damage. The creature in its weakened state was finished off by the fast firing pistol of Mr. Lyons aimed directly into the creature's skull.