A Haunting Tale

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CLIENT - Mr Brewer

Mr Brewer hired us to investigate the mysterious deaths of his cousin and cousin's spouse, found trampled to death in an area with no horse tracks.

After a train ride we boarded a coach for the final leg of the journey, when we were set upon by a strange darkness and a host of black-uniformed cavalry. After a minor skirmish we managed to evade the attackers, who crumbled to dust when killed.

We then all found ourselves in a strange saloon, with a drink in each of our hands and no recollection of how we arrived there. Choosing to forgo the beverage, a voice that each of us heard narrated our victory over the riders. We then found ourselves back on the road, as if nothing had happened, arriving at the town.

We entered the saloon, the real saloon, and met with the mayor and town marshal. After some questioning we settled on a number of leads, and set off to examine the bodies of the deceased.

As our party made out way to the doctor’s office we were again met with the strange darkness from the road, however this time our opponents were corpses rising from the grave. During the fight I was gravely wounded, but with Dr Bishop's attention I was back on my feet in an instant. Truly a remarkable physician. Once the fighting was done, we found ourselves transported to the strange saloon a second time. We were all knelt around a large tub, primed and ready to bob for apples. The voice narrated once again, and we were thrust back to reality.

We examined the corpses of Mr Brewer's deceased family. The wounds were conducive with the story we had been told. Herr Muller, a german scientist, noticed a thin layer of ash on the bodies similar to the residue left by the riders. After this, we decided to move on.

The narration gave one of our number an idea, and we decided to poke around the grave of a local author whose name had come up in our questioning of the mayor. As we approached the grave, the narrator spoke up once again - this time with anger. We were transported back into the darkness, this time surrounded by a sinister pumpkin patch. We did battle with numerous scarecrows and a giant pumpkin.

After the fight, and our now expected trip to the strange saloon, we marched directly to the home of the deceased author to try and question his son. As we arrived, the ground split open at our feet and we were surrounded by magma. Several burning corpses set upon us, and the author's son commanded them with a pen and paper. As he wrote, the narrator's voice boomed around us.

After a short battle, one of my companions managed to disarm the man of his writing utensils and break whatever powers were at work. We returned to reality, whereupon Walter Delaney received a beating and was dragged before the marshal to answer for his crimes. All documents were destroyed before we left, and the young Delaney was hung by the neck until dead for his crimes.