Big Bat Trouble in Little Amarillo

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Marshal: estarrion
Report Date: 17 Jul 2020
Article Published in: Brimstone Bee
Posse Members: Dr. Winston Bishop, Gontiel, Miss Lilly Hutchins, Oscar Lupine, and Oskar Von Menge

Yesterday afternoon a band of intrepid hunters returned to Brimstone after a successful hunt. The group was attempting to hunt down and eliminate the creature or creatures responsible for several grisly deaths of locals in the town of Amarillo . The expedition was sponsored by Brimstone's very own chapter of the Explorer's Society led by Sgt. Peregrine "Perry" Griffiths the party consisted of Dr. Winston Bishop, Gontiel, Miss Lilly Hutchins, Oscar Lupine, and Oskar Von Menge.

The group made a two day trip to the town of Amarillo. Details were sparse as no one had seen the beasts in the light of day. Upon arriving in Amarillo the group spoke with several locals about the menace to find out more information. As Doctor Bishop investigated the remains of several of the victims to ascertain what type of monster they might be dealing with. Through the course of investigation the group was able to determine that they were dealing with some type of flying animal that lived in the nearby caves.

Afterward, Miss Hutchins decided to pay her respects to the poor unfortunate souls that had already died, and the rest of the troupe decided to follow suit. As they figured they may have overlooked something by not investigating the scene of the attacks. Arriving at a local ranch they determined that the creatures were likely only attacking the cattle, and the humans were only presumably being attacked as a consequence of their proximity. To confirm this speculation, the expedition decided to lay in wait for the creatures, as well as to protect the ranchers from another attack. The bunch lay hiding for hours. The group began to think that they might have wasted a night laying in the dirt for nothing.

Fortunately, or more likely 'unfortunately', the company's patience was rewarded. Horrid screeching that could be heard miles off announced the deafening arrival of bats, man sized bats! Blood-suckers were swooping down from the sky to liberate the ranchers of their excess cattle. At the sight of these animals some of the expedition lost their composure, but more than enough stood their ground and sprang their trap. Unleashing a torrent of hot lead, they were able to down all of the creatures within a matter of moments. These once-vicious creatures that were the bane of the town had been reduced to piles of flesh. The hunters brought back several specimens of the animal back as trophies.

Several of the members of the group, however, decided to confirm that the threat to the town had been ended, and resolved to set out to find the location of the man-sized bat's lair and destroy it. Dr. Winston Bishop, Gontiel, Miss Lilly Hutchins, Oscar Lupine, Oskar Von Menge, all upstanding citizens of Brimstone ventured into the local canyon network to confirm their work was completed. After a long day of travel by horseback and searching, Gontiel was able to spot the cave entrance. Moving up quietly as to not attract the blood-suckers, the group hoped to plant dynamite and collapse the cave sealing the creatures in. But if 'if's and 'but's were candy and nuts, then we'd have a Merry Christmas.

The group discovered the true nature of the crisis. A local Native tribe that had been run off years prior by the U.S. army was exacting some kind of revenge on the locals, by summoning these beasts. Undeterred by this discovery, the group of concerned citizens dispensed hot death to these vengeful natives. But in doing so the gunfire brought upon them more of the bat creatures. However, once again, nature is no match for the ingenuity of man! Guns do a great job leveling out the gifts that nature gave these creatures but not to man. This, coupled with dynamite, ended the threat to the city of Amarillo.