Aces High. Tensions High.

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Aces High by Albrecht Von Manstein

The poker tournament organized and orchestrated by Mayoral candidate William Blakely went over incredically well by almost any standard. Sure there may have been two attempted murders, but there was only a single death, and that was of one of the attempted murders. The day started out as anyone would expect with large amounts of cash flowing. People thronged to Brimstone in search of their fortune or merely just as entertainment. The tournament's grand prize of $20,000 drew some of the most renowned gamblers from across our great country. Luke Short, Poker Alice, Mason O'Sullivan, Chelsea Lamb, Lucky Lo. Several locals joined as well Dick Drebber, local cattle baron, as well as local color and rancher Gun McClane.

Mr. Blakely prior to the Tournament starting decided to add in a preliminary round to allow for some additional participants to join in at a chance of the grand prize. In these preliminary rounds Gus McClane made a great showing, mopping the floor of the competition, and fighting his way into the final round. It was at this point that the real story begins.

During the break between the preliminary rounds Poker Alice, the favored to win the tournament, was assaulted by an unknown assailant, who appears to have come to town with the express purpose of elimination competition at the tournament. This unknown assailant was however dealt with quickly and efficiently by deputy Lily Mayfair and Dr. James McCoy, but not before they managed to wound Poker Alice in the head.

During this time, newcomer to Brimstone Gordon Riley decided to start a fight with renowned gunfighter Luke Short by taunting him relentlessly while the fight was going on outside the Silver Palace. Mr. Short responded to these rentals taunts to his honor by pulling a pistol and shooting Mr. Riley in the head, however it was more of a warning shot as in only grazed Mr. Riley temple. Mr. John Newcomb settled the argument between the two before it could escalate further. At this point the final rounds of the tournament began.

After hand after hand, and hours of play. There were only two opponents left Poker Alice and Gordon Riley, both of whom had been wounded in the head, and both of which were the two final combatants in this tournament. Nothing could slow these two titans of play down, not even a gunshot wound to the head. After some brilliant hand played by both players, Poker Alice managed to come out on top cleaning up the table and taking home the grand prize of $20,000