Albert Finley

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Mr. Finley is the Brimstone local representative for Smith and Robards, an extremely professional and dedicated salesman. He is tall with medium brown hair and an impressive mustache. Finley has a flair for the dramatic, which shows in his immaculate dress which includes a tailored suit and stovepipe top hat, and also in the brightly colored posters that his employees put up all over town when he arrives. His assistants are Caleb Lewis (accountant) and Marcelle Barbeau (tailor) prefer to let him do all of the speaking while they take care of the more mundane matters of the business.

An immaculately dressed man in a black suit and top hat strides off of the train at the Brimstone depot, then supervises as four young men begin unloading heavy cases from the cargo car. Once everything is unloaded, he leads them as they trudge across the bridge and then turn right on Main Street, stopping across the street from the bank and a block away from the Silver Palace.

Here they begin unloading the cases and assembling a small stand. Emblazoned on the top of the stand in copperplate lettering are the words SMITH & ROBARDS, WONDROUS DEVICES FOR EVERY OCCASION. The stand has several thick catalogs on display, and on nearby pedestals they have carefully placed some objects and devices in protective glass cases. The stand itself is painted black and has various wording on different sides, such as "A Gentleman is Always Prepared" and "Guaranteed To Work The First Time, Every Time."

After everything is setup, which only takes a few minutes, the man in the top hat turns and addresses the crowd that has gathered.

"Good people of Brimstone! My name is Albert Finley, and I am your local representative from Smith and Robards, with many amazing scientific treasures for sale from our cutting-edge factories. Feel free to observe and as questions about any of the wondrous devices that you see here. All of them have been crafted from the finest materials and are guaranteed to work the first time, every time. We have some items in stock that we've brought with us, but many more can be ordered via our catalog. I'm delighted to tell you that I am offering a 10% discount on any devices either ordered or purchased outright. We will be in Brimstone until Sunday evening, at which time we ship out for points west. Thank you, good people, for your hospitality during our visit!"