Lover's Quarrel (Part 1)

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These notes were compiled by Deputy Dell of Brimstone.

Myself (Dell Gunnarson) and 4 others arrive in a dusty town of Uriel. Tearful and frightened townsfolk watch us with belligerred hope and fear as we settle into the town. It seems that something bad was going on here. Was night when we arrived, overy craggy hills. A tall spire of a church, in the center seemed to draw our sights in.

Our group consists of Sammy Lions, an asshole, but amazingly skilled gunman. I just hope he doesn’t fall to the wrong side of the law. The religious card shark and magician Lily Mayfair, who is very good at all things magical. Sister Ann Xavier a Nun who is more than what she seems. Lastly we have, Rufus Hall. A man who is a lawyer and/or gambler, depending on the day.

As I dismounted my horse to get a better view of the town, I didn’t notice much. The others talked amongst themselves. Sammy threatened to kill my horse. Rufus said nothing. Sister Ann and Lily discussed information about Uriel. An archangel with some sort of sword in the Bible. With that discussed we rode into Uriel as a group, with Dell taking point.

We didn’t make it fair into town when a woman’s scream was heard, cutting through the night like a hot knife through butter. Coming from the Church. Coming through the front door, we see a small band of Confederates harassing a blonde woman with a knife. Five of them in total. Before anyone else could react, I opened fire on the one closest to the woman. While their leader threatened us. Rest of the party was hot on my heels.

Sammy, being the expert marksman and quick on the draw. Was the first to follow up on my actions by entering the church and opening fire on the group of Confederates. Fanning the hammer and unloading his entire colt into them. Sister followed up with her useful Skill, with Rufus and Lily lending aid. I of course took cover behind a pew and kept up with firing from my pistol.

A shot into the skull of the Lt of the group only resulted in a smoking cheek, not leaking much blood. A shot against me resulted in a graze to the noggin. While Lily charged in to stab the LT with her Whately blood Dagger. Lily then followed up while screaming in rage and drove her dagger deeper into the Lieutenant, piercing deep into his heart and ending the man’s miserable life. Growing concerned with her and also proud of her, I wanted to rush to her air and see if she was okay. But we still had 2 others to deal with.

The two left surrendered and began praying for forgiveness. So I took Lily’s knife to clean off and started dragging the dead bodies out of the church. Reloading my pistol along the way. While Sammy started tying up the corpses. Woman introduced herself as Maddie Hayes. Saying something about her uncle John having heart failure and being strong as an Ox. For coming to the church to pray when the men attacked her.

While she spoke with Sister Xavier and the others. I went off to try and locate the Sheriff and tell him what happened. But before I went I found out the woman Maddie’s husband was the former Marshal and died. So I looted the 3 dead corpses and took 18 .45 caliber rounds to add to my stockpiles. While donating their money to the church collection boxes. Paying close attention to the dead Lt McGraw’s body. Finding a hidden necklace of a pearl variety in a hollowed out Boot heel.

Necklace appeared to be mundane by inspection of Lily and the others. While Lily questions Maddy further about the pearl necklace. With Sammy inquiring as well. I proposed we all go deal with the 10-20 Gray-Coats taking refuge in this town. While I went to stable the mounts and the wonderful donkey Balaam. Sammy takes the opportunity to execute the two confederates who surrendered while everyone else is busy. The ladies would escort Maddie Hayes back to her room.

Sammy decides to not execute the two who surrendered. Leading them to the jail with Rufus. Some commotion in the central town as we made our way through town in our three separate smaller parties. Maddie was escorted home safely by Sister Xavier and Lily. Questioned a tiny bit more but nothing much garnered.

Sammy & Rufus get to the Jail and pound on the locked door, garnering the attention of 2 gray-cloaks who make their way to the jail. Sammy reloads his pistol while Rufus goes to the Saloon and knows where he can get the jail key. Meanwhile I finished with the horses and paid the stablemaster to try and get some information. Which I failed at. After a quick discussion with Rufus. I headed off to the Jail to meet back with Sammy.

I found a key hidden under the doormat of the Jail. Unlocking it and heading inside. With Sammy and his prisoners heading behind me. Out of the 3 cells inside of here, there is one in the middle that holds a venerable old man who has peed on himself. Gray beard longer than the suspenders on his pants. After questioning him, Sammy and I question the old man to find out about the state of the town. Figuring he’s the local town guard. Telling us the deputy is also drunk and useless. Spending most of his time at the doctors. So I gave him one of the pistols and 6 rounds from the jail cell and half a bottle of whiskey. As well as 2 dollars.

Lily and Sister Xavier Ann make their way to the Jail cell with Sammy and I. While we wait on the return of Rufus at the Saloon. Rusty finds nothing but a surly bartender and 6 confederates inside the Saloon. Upon heading back to the Jail, I tell the whole party what I learned. Discussing our plan of attack for the Confederates. Checking out the Marshal’s dead body, investigating some abandoned houses to search for confederates. Then saving the saloon for last.

Arriving at the doctor’s office, we notice a person moving about in the window. Dimly lit by a low lantern inside the doctor’s office, with features that are hard to make out at first. I notice it’s a doctor with medical tools in the doctor’s office. Doctor went to look into Sammy’s wound, while the rest of us followed inside. Doctor did a bad job with Sammy’s wound. But after that we found some information on the Marshal and going on in town. With me lying about being the new town Marshal. The doctor told us the Marshal contracted a mysterious illness about 6 months ago. Getting a little better a month ago when he met Maddie. The doctor then went to describe how the Marshal died.

In our attempts to convince the Doctor to let us see the body, Lily ended up calling on her Huckster ability to convince the Doctor to let us in and see the body, with Sister Xavier Ann claiming she is there to give last rights to the body as well. The Marshal’s corpse proved to be preserved nicely and very mummified, despite the heat. Sister Ann said whatever did this to him is not good at all. Dell searches the Deputies pockets and belongings while the Doctor performs the Autopsy of the Marshal’s dead body. With the party watching. Finding nothing but some used or unused ladies undergarments in the deputies pockets.