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Welcome to Brimstone, partner!

The year is 1884, but the history is not our own. In a less traveled northeast corner of the Territory of New Mexico is the bustling boomtown of Brimstone (population 2,921).

Brimstone is loosely modeled after modern day Clayton, New Mexico in Union County. Unlike Clayton, Brimstone is much larger. With the discovery of ghost rock in close proximity its rail business is booming. Much like Clayton was in the 1800s, Brimstone is also a busy railroad and livestock town with many ranches in and near the town.

Local News & Gossip

Brimstone 1884 Election Results

All the news and rumors that are fit to print from the local newspaper, The Brimstone Bee, and the gossip rag The Pepper Mill. See more job opportunities on the Adventure Hooks page.

What is Brimstone Adventures?

Brimstone Adventures is a Discord-based Deadlands: The Weird West (2020 revision) West Marches tabletop RPG group that is set in a persistent world. West Marches is a style of game designed to facilitate player agency by putting them in charge of where they go, what they do, and when they play. Each adventure is run as a pick-up game that anyone on the server can join on a first-come, first-served basis. We welcome any players and GMs who would like to participate.

How do I participate?

Anyone who follows the server rules (see below) is welcomed to join. Join the Discord server, then follow the instructions to create and submit a character for play. Once your character is approved, you can sign up to take part in any of the live server games in the #Wanted Posters channel.

Between sessions, you can participate in the Open RP text channels to buy and sell gear, set up missions, and interact with other PCs and NPCs.

We encourage all players to contribute content to the wiki, including locations, characters, maps, adventure hooks, and anything else you can think of. Note: because of spam issues on the wiki, all new accounts must be added by a Marshal. Reach out to one of the Discord administrators for access. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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