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For rules on creating a character, advancement and lifestyle costs, see Character Creation & Advancement.

Note that the Marshal has final say in their game when it comes to rules, scheduling, number of sessions, and player participation.


Players and Marshals are expected to uphold a high standard of conduct regarding inclusiveness and fun for all. We do not tolerate harassment in any form; anyone participating in harassment will be subject to permanent server ban. Harassment is any unwanted interaction, which includes (not limited to): threats; unwelcome attention; offensive behavior; using sexually explicit or offensive language; excessive profanity; use of racial, religious, sexual, political, gender, ability, ethnic slurs, or any other targeted comments which are intended to cause personal offense to another player.


Players are expected to be timely to games they have signed up for. If you cannot make your game, please notify the Marshal or a Discord admin. Players who are a no-show on their first game with no prior notice will be subject to server ban.


This server uses the Deadlands: The Weird West rules that are compatible with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Players who are new to Savage Worlds/Deadlands will want to pick up the following books, and should post any questions to the #player-help channel.

Setting Rules

We use the following gameplay rules from SWADE for our games:

  • Conviction. This is a special award granted when a character experiences a great victory or catastrophic misfortune. They are kept in between sessions. See p. 136, SWADE, for more info.
  • Creative Combat. A raise on a Test allows the character to roll on a special table that grants additional effects.
  • Gritty Damage (OPTIONAL, MARSHAL'S CHOICE). When Wild Cards take a Wound, they roll on the Injury Table and apply the results.
  • Unarmored Hero. Wild Cards without armor add +2 to their Soak rolls.
  • Wound Cap. Wild Cards never suffer more than four wounds from a single hit.


  • An Adventure is defined as a storyline run by a Marshal for 1-3 sessions.
  • 2-5 players may participate in an Adventure (one character each).
  • Players are responsible for recruiting the posse (player characters) for each Adventure through discussion in the Open RP channels.
  • Once the posse has been gathered, send a request to the Marshals so they may organize a session for you. Signups take place in the #wanted-posters channel on Discord.
  • The topic of the Adventure may be from the Adventure Hooks page or an original idea from a player.
  • On occasion, additional Adventure Hooks will be created by Marshals and given publicly in the #wanted-posters channel on Discord, available to the first 5 players to sign up.
  • Characters receive 2xp per session of play, and any other monetary rewards from the adventure. The GM should note what the characters receive in the #rewards channel. The GM of the adventure also gets 2xp to apply to one of their own characters, whichever they choose. For more information, see Character Creation & Advancement.


Player interaction is encouraged. Use Open RP Channels for in-character interactions including those with the NPCs in town to socialize and buy & sell things. Note that this is the only way to buy and sell gear outside of game time.

Please only post in-character interactions in the location channels, and keep out-of-character discussions to #ooc-chat. Spoken dialogue should be in quotes, and character actions should be in italics.

Sharing information in character with other characters is important in this style of game. Not every player is present during each session, so players and characters must rely on one another to learn about the world.

Players are encouraged to document what has occurred in each session to keep track of Brimstone’s shared history. Players posting a summary of the previous session on the wiki will receive a non-expiring bennie to be used in subsequent games. These bennies will be the first ones used, before your regular bennies. See Contribution Guidelines for more information.