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The Brimstone Bee is Brimstone’s best-selling, most famous newspaper. Of course, it’s also the town’s sole paper, but a little detail like that won’t stop its owner, editor, and chief writer, Hayward Heston from proudly proclaiming such whenever some poor sod gives him the excuse to do so.

Thanks to the recently completed rail spur access to nationally circulated papers in Brimstone isn’t much of a challenge (though they sometimes might be a day or two behind), but for the cowpoke looking for local news “The Bee” is pretty much the only option they've got. Hayward knows this, and primarily focuses on pieces concerning the town and the surrounding area, though big state and national news still tends to get the byline most days.

While Heston tries to avoid the worst vices of sensationalized yellow journalism, he is aware that gunfights, brawls, and scandals sell papers, and if something of that nature is going on in Brimstone (as it often is) he or his one on-staff reporter, Dietrich Lintz is usually quick on the scene to collect statements. “When the guns start firing Heston comes buzzing.” The Bee is also always eager to interview intriguing figures that have recently arrived in town, whether they be there on a temporary or permanent basis. Still HH, Dietrich, and the German’s young ward, Sofía, can’t be everywhere, so the editor has been known to buy stories or subcontract reporters on occasion.

However, Hayward is an ardent skeptic when it comes to the “weird,” and almost always refuses any story involving supernatural elements, or at the very least is always dismissive when reporting statements giving “unnatural” explanations for events while offering plausible alternatives from either other witnesses or of his own opinion alongside them, so anybody offering those kinds of stories is much more liable to be shown the door than get paid!

“I’ll not have the Brimstone Bee turn into another rag like the Epitaph, thank you very much!”

Employees: Hayward Heston, Dietrich Lintz

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