Sheriff Benjamin Torres

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Sheriff Benjamin Torres is the defacto Sheriff of Brimstone, NM. He was appointed by the Territory of New Mexico to represent The United States of America in law enforcement matters.

Since the city was unincorporated, only Territorial law applied and anything the local power players insisted was law was merely a "suggestion" enforced by Might Makes Right. With Torres's arrival, the threat of Federal intervention calmed down local gang conflict as the Sheriff soon started to recruit deputies and assert control over the blossoming city. Notedly, he, unspokenly, began to carve out spheres of influence between Madame Luli, Benny Snicket, and other players in the city, attempting to respect their existing power structures while also protecting those caught in the crossfire of their illegal activities.

With the incorporation of Brimstone imminent, the Charter of Brimstone specifically carved out the Sheriff position for Torres to be his for at least 5 years before reverting to a standard election system.

As part of his duties as Sheriff, Torres collects taxes for both the city and the Territory and collects a portion of it for his own pay. Given Brimstone's tax income from ghost rock mining, his own wealth is rather impressive. However, he donates a good amount of it to the local churches and to other charities around town, including Matron Lopez's lodgings.

Sheriff Torres was recently murdered after a duel with Sammy Lions. The crime is under investigation in the town.