Matron Lopez

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Señora Bernarda Lopez (a.k.a. The Matron) runs the Rosa Amarilla Boarding House in Brimstone. A woman of many stories and many pasts, she primarily speaks Spanish but is fluent in English.

A devout Catholic, she opposes foul language though tends to use foul language to berate others for using it. She is a generous, but strict woman, offering some of the cheapest boarding in Brimstone and complimentary breakfast as part of rent. However, she demands strict moral standing from her tenants and has removed some for falling to vice while under her roof. If she sees potential and future for reform in her tenants, she can be quite motherly towards them but, should they show signs of abusing her charity or hesitating in their path to virtue, her judgement is merciless.

Family Ties

Bernarda speaks fondly of her late husband, a photo of the old, rugged man hanging in the living room and in her bedroom. He died during the Reform Wars in Mexico, fighting against Santa Anna's rise to power.

Religious Views

A devout Catholic, Lopez will attend Protestant churches on most Sundays due to the lack of a Catholic Church in Brimstone as of early 1884. She skips on certain important weeks, staying at home and reading the Bible and performing Catholic ceremonies on herself.

She occasionally will mention The Order of St. Matilda , a group located in Shan Fan that is supposedly made up entirely of warrior nuns who protect the city's poorest and most vulnerable.