Cross Bar Ranch

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Cross Bar Ranch is a small cattle operation located 25 miles southwest of Brimstone, NM owned and operated by ranchers Darren Cross and Morley Barr. The ranch has over three hundred head of cattle and about thirty hands in its employ. The ranch's brand is a symbol of the letters "C" and "B" together.

For the past year, the local chapter of the Territorial Rangers has called the ranch its home, with the headquarters situated in one of the ranch's farm houses refitted for the Rangers' needs as well as Twilight Protocol meetings between the Rangers, The Agency and the Explorer's Society.

The arrangement began in 1883, only a few months after Lieutenant Willard Leighton took his post as regional leader of the Rangers. Leighton and his men drove off the notorious cattle rustling gang The Prairie Skeeters who had attacked the ranch several times, and killed their leader Connie Lorko. This began a friendship between Leighton and the ranch owners, and the eventual offering to permanently host the Rangers at the local homestead in exchange for continued protection from local threats. The arrangement has so far been beneficial for both parties.