Allie Carter

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Allie Carter was a young woman that Sheriff Benjamin Torres recruited shortly before his death at the hands of Sammy Lions. She was at the Sheriff's Office during the duel between the two men, but was not a witness. She attempted to fight off Auntie Mei Lin in her jailbreak attempt of Dr. Morton Marley, but was unsuccessful in stopping her. However, she was instrumental in organizing the town to capture the criminals before they fled town. She volunteered to help Jackson Tanning, the acting Sheriff, in the cleanup and investigation of the crimes.

Later, Allie found a dime novel depicting the heroics of Elijah Murray and started a campaign to encourage people to vote for him in the 1884 election for Sheriff. The old man grudgingly agreed to run, but was later killed on a mission and never returned to town.

Just before the election, Allie was kidnapped by a man named Joshua Blakeley who claimed to be the illegitimate son of William Blakeley and he tortured her to find out more information about him and the town. She refused, and he vowed his revenge before killing her. (See The Murder of Allie Carter.) After the murder, Joshua made an unsuccessful attempt on Blakeley’s life before being captured and jailed. While in prison he admitted to Carter’s murder and gave the location of her body, which was in a small cabin in the woods north of Brimstone.