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Patrick (Padriag) O'Hara moved to the East Coast with his family as a young lad. His father moved the family out west to avoid serving and fighting in the Civil War, first to Prescott, AZ, then to Denver, CO. Patrick worked in his father’s general store as a young man. The family proved quite successful, and two years ago Patrick headed to Brimstone at the start of the mining boom to open another O’Hara General Emporium.

O’Hara’s is often a gathering place for the local community to exchange news, socialize and pick up mail. The display window is always neatly, but fully, packed with most of his best sellers, as well as signage announcing interesting products.

Just inside the double-doors, you will always be greeted by Patrick or one of his very young girls, Bridget or Catherine. Patrick’s wife Catherine died of consumption before they ever left Denver. Patrick is a handsome young man, very affable and well liked in Brimstone. There seems to be very few people who have not found Patrick likeable, particularly since he has a knack for remembering amazing details about all his customers.

Customers will find nearly every space in the store packed with something, long counters, shelves along every single wall. Foodstuffs from local sources are readily available in bins all around the floor. Near the doors notions, jewelry and other women's items entice the women. Hardware and tools take up a good portion of the store as well to serve the working and growing town. Shelves contain not only foodstuffs, but fabric, clothes, household items, crockery and dishes, some horse tack, hardware, nails, candies, tobacco and all sorts of other goods. O’Hara’s sports a small apothecary shelf section with unguents, oils, herbs, tonics and other healing remedies. He even gets in some specialty items like Greased Lightning Pills or vocal function elixir, but only occasionally.

Patrick tries to get as much as he can from local sources to maintain his inventory as much as possible. However Brimstone’s rail connection and Patrick’s connect with his father’s store in Denver, Patrick is able to special order many items and bring them in for customers, for the right price.

Patrick also maintains, as a service to the town, a notice board near the front counter for all sorts of notices to be posted. He considers this yet another service to cultivate the social well-being of the town.


O’Hara’s General Emporium is a two-story frame building, painted white, and fronted by a raised porch provided with benches and chairs for social gathering among the locals.


Patrick managed to get to town early and acquire a very favorable lot in town down main street.