Lone Star Ice Company

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A small windowless squat brick building next to the Railway Station. The building stores and distributes ice for the local community and Lone Star. During the winter, shipments of ice are delivered and stored in the building’s bunker like main room with up to six inches of saw dust between layers of ice blocks. Until winter arrives there is about ⅓ of the capacity of ice present. Businesses and a few homes in Brimstone use the ice to cool food and beverages. It is also used by the railroad for the same purposes and also for “Ice Cars” to cool perishable items as much as possible. It is a fairly lucrative side business for the Railroad with minimal investment. The company’s local manager is Lars Saflo who also works in the Rail Station Cargo Warehouse as foreman. Those wanting to purchase ice or store perishable items in the Cooling area should inquire at the Railroad station.