Gentleman's Gunnery

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Gentleman's Gunnery is stocked with fine weapons from Colt, Remington, Gatling, and Winchester, and also includes a few unusual imports from the likes of Enfield Arms in England. The owner is especially proud of a locally crafted bow, placed with a quiver on the right corner, made by a Navajo craftsman who lives on the edges of white man’s town and trades various trinkets. The wall above one case on the back wall even includes someone’s local sketch of a rifle version of the odd firegun developed by the Chinese in 1850 after they discovered their own version of spirit dust. You can buy that sketch done by a gentleman right here in Brimstone, iffin you can’t get your hands on the real thing.

Colt firearms include a finely framed 7.5" Peacemaker hanging prominently over the counter, and a small shelf arrayed with 4.5" gunslingers and 5" artillery models of the Colt. The Gunnery stocks not more than one of each, if your lookin’ for high end guns for the selective hunter, with the Bullard Express bein the gun of choice of the man at the counter. Winchester rifles including the 20” saddle gun and other models, come in a somewhat larger stock of 3 each. Uncut, sawed off, revolving, and lever action 12 gauge shotguns stock in the back corner with one fan-barrel sawed off betsy hanging on the wall above the rifle area. All cases are locked.

A small table covered with samples of gunbelts, cleaning tools, saws, and gun parts sits on far away from the counter near the rifles. Several sizes of empty spent cartridges lie on the table along with what appears to be a hand cranked tool that loads materials into a shell. One man runs the counter while one tinkers with the tools, either reloading shells or tuning up guns brought in for work by customers and a third one seems to be overseeing them.

“Howdy. Name’s Cullen Baker. That there’s Erik Ernst. He’s the boss and he managed to bring in a couple items from Europe when he came over here. The technician over there is Carson Hendricks. He hopped on a train out of New York City just to come and see what the wild west was like. And, how might i help you? Looking for the gun that won the west? Or, perhaps somethin a little more long range?”

After a bit of searching, the selective customer might notice in the far corner and made with dark colors, somewhat concealed but richly inlaid case, with a single Gatling 6 barreled autoshotgun.

A smallish case and table featuring a handful of derringers and pepperboxes sits at the far end of the counter.