Ferrell's Boarding House

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A nice large home owned by one of the original Copper mining families. Located at River and Fourth street it has a nice view of the river and has a nice garden and a few mature trees. Mary Ferrell, widow of John H. Ferrell, runs the Boarding house along with her two teen daughters (Jane and Blossom) and a small staff. John Ferrell passed away two years ago of blood poisoning due to an injury sustained while prospecting. Their copper mine was eventually sold to pay bills and Mary was forced to open her home to boarders. She has slowly warmed up to the business and runs what some call the nicest Boarding house in the city. Mary charges $1 a night for a private room with a feather mattress, meals and laundry service. Her home has 5 private rooms and two private washrooms. She prefers to rent out to professionals long term and treats her oldest customers more like family.