Explorer's Society, Brimstone Chapter

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The Explorer's Society has a large, unmarked building on the west side of Brimstone that serves as their base of operations. The facility has a laboratory, archives, meeting rooms and a lounge with upscale furniture and their own food and beverage service.

They have roughly thirty members, most of them Mad Scientists, big game hunters and otherwise wealthy men with lots of time on their hands. More than half of the Society members are British, and spend most of their time puffing on pipes, drinking spirits and regaling each other with war and hunting stories. Less than a quarter of their time is actually spent on missions searching for “critters” in various parts of New Mexico and the surrounding states. The Society documents many of these critters, but they find much more pleasure in the hunt rather than research. The chapter's current president is Captain August Leighton.

Membership in the society is quite expensive at $100 per month. However, they do often hire outdoorsmen and science-types for assistance on various missions.

The Explorer’s Society building is nicely furnished inside, with deep red carpets and animal heads lining the walls. A set of large double doors is ahead of you, and beyond you hear chortling laughter. Sitting at a desk near the entrance is a young man in a formal jacket and tie who looks up as you enter.

As you step into the drawing room, you see fine furnishings and many more heads mounted upon the walls, from every continent it seems. BIson, a lion, the torso of a huge gazelle and what appears to be a massive anaconda. They surround a huge picture window that looks out onto the prairie north of town. There are several doors on each side. To the right you see a kitchen door open and someone walks in with a silver platter full of teacups and small biscuits.

Members: Captain August Leighton, Sergeant Perry Griffiths, Lord Gaithwynn, Klaus Muller, Jeremy Baker, Godfrey Jenkins, Blain Corbitt, Frank Matson, Ginny Kinkade, Tartok Zhukov, George Marley