Doctor Bishop's Office

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Interior: Dr. Bishop's office is located in a side office adjoining Gammon’s Undertaker Service. In order to get to the doctors office you must walk through the entrance of the Undertaker. The office itself is a simple 10 by 10 room with an old desk and chair in the corner, and a massive wooden table in the center of the room for patients to lay on. There is a closet on the opposite side of the room from the entrance. Which is kept under lock and key. The room is devoid of any decoration, except for a framed diploma from Tulane University School of Medicine, centered behind his desk. There are a pair of beds for patients to lay in, pushed up against the wall. There is also a bookcase filled with medical texts under his diploma.

The Business: Most of what the doctor treats are broken limbs from mining or ranching accidents. Or the occasional knife wound from a bar fight. If the patient in question can afford it. He often makes house calls due to the spread out nature of the ranching and mining around Brimstone. The Dr. always treats children for free. Despite this the doctor has been doing a brisk business in Brimstone for well over a year.

The Proprietor: Dr. Bishop arrived in Brimstone over a year ago.He stands nearly 5 feet 8 inches tall. He is in his mid to late 30’s. He has wet looking black hair that appears to clings to his head. He is soft spoken to the point where it is difficult to hear his southern drawl.