Brimstone Townhall

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Brimstone is on the rise! A Rail spur from Lonestar and an Airship docking facility are being constructed by Smith and Robards. To commemorate this point in Brimstone's history William Blakeley decided to start the construction of a town hall. For no other reason than to document history and put Brimstone on the map. It is certainly not being done to solicit bribes or give easy jobs to people in exchange for votes, no, a politician would never do that!

In an effort to make Brimstone more presentable and a more likely candidate to become an incorporated territory in the run up to the incorporation vote. Construction on Brimstone’s Town Hall began over a year ago. However due to unforeseen construction overages only the main meeting hall has been built. The foundations for the Town Hall's additional wings have been laid. Construction is at a stand still as the incorporation and mayoral race heats up.

Location: Brimstone just across the street from the Diamondback.

Description: The Brimstone town hall is very new and still has the smell of the wet white paint coming off of it. The main building is two stories tall with a large double door entrance. Upon entering there are doors 20’ from the left and right that lead towards the unfinished wings. Where the mayor office will be, and the records wing. In the middle of the entry room is a front desk for a clerk to work at. Behind the clerks desk is a massive meeting all 100 ft long and 50ft wide with rows of wooden benches that face towards a raised platform with a large table for officials to sit at and a speaking lectern.