Polly Pepper

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Polly Pepper is the lone owner and operator of Brimstone's one and only gossip newsletter, "The Pepper Mill".

Hailing from back East, her attempts at breaking into the journalism business were met with resistance everywhere she went. Taking matters into her own hands, Polly used her entire savings and opened up the tiny print shop on what some have taken to calling Newspaper Street.

Polly is an Attractive young woman of 23 years, with a wild mane of fiery red curls, usually kept up and still remaining a total mess. Blue eyes hide behind a pair of glasses, despite apparently having no need of them. Driven by her need to succeed in the world of reporting, no matter how sensationalistic, she is Curious to a nosy fault, having quite the Big Mouth as well. However, she is quite friendly to the point of being obsequious, Charismatic, and surprisingly smart, making her quite the talented Investigator.

She can be seen almost anywhere in town, trying to dig up what she can to make life around Brimstone a bit more, as she puts it, spicy.

Notable Quotes:

"If you can't join 'em, beat 'em."