John Williams

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John Williams brother to Alex Williams, and self proclaimed rival to the young heir. the two were almost identicl save for John's apperent taste for getting into fisticuffs. it got to a point that their parents payed for a trainer for the young John Williams but due to this his mentality is to that had to prove he was better than Alex rose to extreme heights. as the years went by and each inherited money from their late family member, John had gotten arrogent and tried to take Alex's mine by force however due to his blown up ego resulting in overconfidence he thought he could take on and Assulted a group of Pinkertons instead and was promptly arrested. However due to his mother he was given the option to either go to jail........or do some comuninty service and join his brother in brimstone safe to say he felt shamed that he chose the later and now being transported from california to brimstone its safe to say this person is awaiting for his brother to pay for his bail.