Jimmy Ford

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Jimmy Ford was brought into this world when his mother was impregnated by the man she worked for, she was a midwife who was taken advantage of for being young. Jimmy came into the world ass first and from day one his life would be full of strife(Breech Birth). You see Jimmy was born with a rare disease which made him much bigger then the average man(Brawny).

When he was a kid he was as tall as a teen, when he was a teen he was as tall as a man, and when he was a man he was a giant.

His mamma tried to raise him right but no school would take such a large child which stunted Jimmy, but that didn't stop his mamma from teaching him right from wrong. She made him understand that everyone was smaller then him and as such could be hurt easier by his strength(Pacifist). Jimmy finally stopped growing but by then he was a whole foot taller then everyone, and larger, unfortunately the disease had damaged his heart(Ailin' minor). When Jimmy's mom passed away he took to working a ranch but no one could afford to feed such a large man and so he wandered from town to town with a huge smile on his face, finally he has made his way to Brimstone. Will it become his home? First things first, find a place and eat.