Jared Rockwell

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Jared is the youngest of Marshal Porter Rockwell's (The Mormon "Avenging Angel") 13 children that he had with his two wives. Most of Porter's children became involved in the many business enterprises their family owned or with the Mormon Church. Jared was critically injured by a horse when he was five years old. In fact preparations were being made for his funeral when he awoke telling of an angel that had visited him. He said the angel told him "he needed to follow in his father's footsteps and bring the lawless to justice after his father stepped down". Then he said the the Angel blessed him and healed his wound. In a normal family this would be met with considerable disbelief but the Rockwells were no normal family.

Despite Jared being a little feeble minded because of the injury, his father took the angel's words seriously and showed him the ways of a frontier lawman. He even introduced him to Brigham Young once. Years later Young said that there was no doubt Jared had been touched by an Angel and given a great gift. They tracked lawbreakers of all sorts from one end of Deseret to the other. By the time he was 16 he was an excellent shot and rumored to have the power to heal. When his father retired and died shortly after, Jared continued to support the Deseret Marshals in various ways, usually backing up senior men that needed an extra gun. He married and quietly went about his law enforcement duties trying to avoid the press and limelight that came with it as his father had cautioned him to do. "Fame is not a friend of a lawman. What isn't exaggerated are lies created to sell papers or books. Those things can get you killed."

The abuses of Hellstromme within Deseret and the atrocities committed during the Battle of Lost Angels shook Jared's conviction to the Church. When he killed the son of a minor ally of Hellstromme in the process of arresting him, his family was forced to convince Jared to get out of Deseret for his own safety. Jared faced with his increasing distrust of Hellstromme coupled with the death of his beloved wife of pneumonia, relented to his family's wishes and left Deseret. He and his father's reputation as effective law men got Jared a provisional posting to the Territorial Rangers. So now Jared is learning to cope with being self exiled from Deseret, the natural hostility of non-Deseret citizens and being part of the Rangers. He hopes everyday that a message will come saying he can return home but doubts it will ever happen.