Jacob Toso

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“Professor” Jacob Toso’s pretty young to have earned his doctorate at only 19, but that’s because his job is to tickle the ivories at the Silver Palace Dance Hall every night.

Professor is parlance for a piano player you see, hombre, and Jake is a regular virtuoso who hardly ever so much as plays a wrong note. That’s a good thing too, because the Professor’s a jumpy fella and all it takes is a little unexpected noise to get him whipping his head around trying to find the source. He doesn't talk much to anybody besides his co-workers and even then he’s far from a chatterbox. The other employees at the Silver Palace tend to characterize him as a polite, well-mannered young man who clearly remembers the manners he learned back east (judging by his accent), even if some days it seems like he’s scared of his own shadow.

A reedy young man with greasy black hair and an unhealthy pallid complexion, rumor has it that Professor Toso is in the early stages of consumption, something that unnerves a lot of people. Still, he does have lovely green eyes and Jake clearly takes pains to try to keep his worn, once quite nice and now quite patchy, suit and matching gloves as well-maintained as he can.