Ishtar Cordova

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"Ishtar Cordova was born in the heart of New Spain. Being mestiza, she was often overlooked in favor of her older half-brother, Octavio. They both were around the same age of 12 when their parents married, and did not get along very well. Often Octavio would get into trouble and blame Ishtar when caught. In one instance, during a trip to the beaches of Veracruz, Octavio spent a whole night catching a bucket filled with crabs and dumped it on Ishtar's bed while she was sleeping.

Despite their constant quarrels, Ishtar's mother, Lucia, would often tell her to bear with it and take care of her brother. After reaching the age of 18, Octavio started getting tangled with criminals and gangs. He would often tell Ishtar of his escapades, and she would slowly become desensitized to the violence. He even took her a couple of times to his runs, and when his friends attempted to make a pass at her, he'd beat them up. Things got more difficult after their mother became sick and passed away. Their father, Andres, would fall victim of alcoholism and become rather violent. Ishtar learned to defend herself thanks to Octavio, and the two became closer than ever. She learned how to use firearms and heard all the stories about the great expansion northwest. They promised they'd get enough money together and make the trip north.

But fate had other plans. The cartel gang he was running with used Octavio as a scapegoat when one of their bosses was apprehended by authorities. He ended up dying in a shootout. Despite the rashness of her brother, Ishtar would not stay idle. She took her brother's place in the cartel and for years cozied up to the leaders. Once she got enough money, she sold them out to both rivals and authorities alike, took all her money and belongings, including her brother's gun, and fled north. Now, at the age of 23, with all but the memento of her brother and the clothes on her back, she makes it to Brimmstone in an attempt to make a name for herself. A sense that something bigger was out there for her still loomed, as if she now was where she was meant to be."