Christian Taylor

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Christian Taylor a young man was born into a family of lower class individuals his family had fought in both the civil and the rail wars of which most of which died in their youth. when his father died he immediately enlisted inspired by the war stories of those who eventually made it back. he eventually gained recognition in his tactics on a few raids of enemy encampments where a officer recommended him to take part in a academy and rise through the ranks there he made a rival called Sililus. upon graduation he was assigned to take a few men and investigate a few disappearances in a mining town. what was found was a few platoon of confederate solders who didn't know the war was over and he dispatched of them unfortunately their leader had come across a few witches who could "control" a rattler. With his tactical expertise he managed to kill said rattler, and take down the confederate solders along with taking down the Witches plots. this had him scouted out by the twilight legion who saw some great promise in him and decided to recruit him with their express orders he is sent to "assist" in matters of the legion including the war on Mina Delvin